Friday, January 31, 2014

~Last Friday~

**** I was almost ready to publish this post this morning when we got the phone call from one of our midwives that we were to head down to the hospital for our OB consult on the external cephalic version.

Here is where we were at on Thursday night...

Just another baby update- he was still breech at my MW appointment yesterday. I haven't heard back from the OB yet regarding the external cephalic version (ECV) yet so hopefully I will today. I discussed a lot of my options with the MW, what to expect during the ECV, what the possibly scenarios for transfer of care are and I picked up two non-invasive ways to help baby flip- homeopathic Pulsatilla pills and Moxibustion, use heat by my baby toes to encourage the baby to flip. My blood pressure was also border line high so I have to check it today to make sure it's not a concern. I don't have any other symptoms, other than the stress of trying to get all my work done so I'm sure it will be fine.

Last night, I laid in the breech tilt position for awhile, trying to move baby out of my pelvis so it's easier for him to move around. It seemed to have helped because once I stood up and walked around he started doing some crazy moving. Lots of pressure and I'm pretty sure he went transverse (sideways). That's a start!

After Audrey went to bed, hubby used the moxibustion on me. My MWs joked that it was witchery- it's Chinese traditional medicine and I've heard lots of breech babies turning after doing it so I'm hopeful that between it, the pulsatilla, regular chiro and/or the ECV, this baby will turn! I appreciate all the flipping vibes.

Trying everything...

Another good piece of news is that I am GBS-!! Yay for not needing antibiotics at the start of labour! I started to think for sure I would be GBS+ since everything seemed to be going wrong so I was pleasantly surprised to find out I am not. I wasn't with Audrey either and I remember being quite stressed about the possibility of an IV. In the end, since I did need an IV, it really wasn't that bad so I wasn't too concerned about it this time other than a slight inconvenience.

Fast forward to this morning...

I got the call from my midwife about the OB consult at 9am, on my last day of work! It was supposed to be my busiest day this week and not only because it was my last day! So I quickly passed off everything to my replacements (I hadn't even gone over anything with one of them yet!), changed my voicemail, set up my out-of-office, because I was probably not coming back, and headed to the hospital. I was a bit panicked but knew I needed to relax. I was told to stop eating in case they did do the procedure that day.

I picked up hubby (the one time I drive!) and we headed to the south hospital where there is a breech team. Thankfully one of my midwives lives a stones throw away from that hospital so she agreed to meet us there. Originally we were told a midwife would not be at the consult but would be there for the procedure. They were hoping that I could get the consult and the procedure on the same day so N came there to be with us for the entire thing.

I am so beyond thankful for my midwifery care. I trust all of them and just having their support during this time has been amazing. N took us up to the maternity ward and we immediately went to a private triage room. She had already checked me in so there was no waiting around.

The first part was doing a non-stress test on the baby to make sure he was a-okay. Basically they hook you up to a fetal monitor for about 15-20 minutes and just listen to baby. N checked for the baby's position first and thought there was the possibility that he had indeed turned so there was hope that this consult was for nothing other than to confirm he is head down.

Baby was doing just fine but my blood pressure was still a bit high. Just something to watch.

We waited awhile for the doctor but she was busy with other patients. N ordered my blood work which was nice since I was supposed to go in for some this week but hadn't had  a chance yet. Everything looked good, even my iron which was a tad low before.

Finally, the doctor came in. She checked me as well and couldn't quite tell his position so used the portable ultrasound machine to  confirm. Sure enough, still head up! We discussed the procedure and with our situation she said she wouldn't recommend the ECV because of his smaller size. She said they have very strict guidelines as to when they will perform them and even though he is probably a perfect sized baby for me, he still falls under their threshold for weight/percentile for the procedure. That was pretty disappointing to hear since our options are getting slimmer and slimmer.

She consulted with another OB, who said the same thing. They did say that if baby grows significantly in the next week they will review again and discuss our options so that is promising. I'm still hoping that he will flip on his own (with the help of the natural remedies) but we are prepared for the fact that he might need to be born via csection.

So for now, we wait while I eat ice cream every day, try some natural flipping techniques and hope I don't go into labour on my own in the next week or two.

Now that the latest baby drama update is out of the way, here are some of my last "work" outfits, since I plan on dressing very comfortably now that I am on maternity leave.

I'm going to miss dressing this bump! It has been fun and it's one of my favourite accessories! I just wish it was a bit more cooperative!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

~Three Things Thursday~

1. I'm so sick of winter! Done! It's hard enough, but when pregnant it's practically debilitating. I slip and slide everywhere! If only I could have a chauffeur drop me off and pick me up at the front door every time I need to go out.

I don't know how people forget how to drive whenever we get a snowstorm. It's not like it only happens once every 10 years, or once a year! Today, I was delayed on the train because someone downtown hit the train (not the one I was on) with their car. Seriously? Maybe you should be on the train instead of driving into it! Why can't people respect things that are bigger than them and the icy roads??

And no thanks to the people on the train who didn't offer me a seat so I had to stand the entire time.

I'm ready for mat leave!

2. Only 2 days left till maternity leave! I have a week's worth of work to do between now and then. I think some people are in denial.

3. My lovely sister-in-law met up with me for lunch yesterday to give me a Welcome Baby care package. She included some goodies for the baby and some frozen food which will come in handy very soon!! Thanks L!! Your help is so appreciated!

***Keep sending those flipping vibes! Still waiting for the OB consult.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

~Baby N#2: 37 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?

Winter Melon
Hello, full-term!! 

Little boy is practicing his breathing (we saw it on the ultrasounds!), sucking, gripping and blinking. 

What I'm Wearing?
My last week of maternity business clothes! I cheated and wore leggings one day though. With a blazer they are professional, right? I'm a bit sad to be wearing some of my favourite dresses for the last time but I am looking forward to wearing more comfortable clothes during the day.

Aversions or Cravings?
I finally satisfied that Menchie's craving this weekend. Sadly, the rest of the family was sick and had no desire to have ice cream but I went anyway. It was delicious! Still craving and eating lots of muffins.

How I'm feeling?
So relieved to find out that the baby is ok and not growth restricted.While he is still breech, that's a much more manageable situation than immediately having to remove baby because he isn't getting enough nutrients.
It was a very hard weekend emotionally as we tried to come to terms with what could potentially be a sick baby. Add that hubby and Audrey were sick with bad colds, it was just overwhelming. I'm not ready emotionally to let go of my baby inside of me. Physically, I feel pretty good for being full term and other than a head in my ribs, I can't complain. Even sleep hasn't been that bad- I remember it being far worse with Audrey at this point. Maybe it's just because I'm so exhausted from working and taking care of Audrey in the evenings!

In my paranoia that something was wrong with the baby's growth, I noticed that the baby wasn't moving as much. Granted, it was at night and then in the middle of the night so the poor guy was probably sleeping! In the morning, he reassured me with lots of activity that he was fine.  

Belly Button?
I think you can say it's officially out! It's not noticeable if I wear something with a thicker belly panel but with just a shirt you can see it popping through.
The linea nigra is still pretty faint at this point. I remember it being much darker with Audrey by now.

I'm still getting the occasional leg cramp at night and up a couple times for the bathroom but other than that I'm just thankful to have a healthy baby inside of me that is allowed to stay in there for awhile longer.

# 0
Yes, that would be zero workouts for the week and I'm ok with that. I've been doing lots of exercises to try to persuade baby to flip. I need to do more deep squats but I'm finding them a bit difficult and might be attributing to my leg cramps.
Hopefully next week when I'm officially on maternity leave I will be able to fit in working out 3-4x a week. I also need to walk more.

What I'm Excited for? 
- This baby to flip!!
- Maternity Leave starting on Monday!
- Finishing getting everything ready for this baby!
- Visiting some family & friends before baby comes (and after too).
- Hanging out with Audrey before she loses her only-child status

What I Miss? 
- Not worrying! My mom told me it's a parenting thing.

- Finding out that the baby is okay!
- Getting almost everything organized, even if it was in a mad panic in case he came this week.
- Menchies was definitely a highlight!

Baby Purchases & Projects?
It was a good mail week and I finally have a few pictures to show!

Closet organizers and monthly stickers
 I found it very helpful to have closet organizers for Audrey's clothes. Since I hang most of her clothes, this way I can see everything and don't miss out on any cute outfits.

I'm not 100% happy with these ones since I did a custom order through the vendor on Etsy but she didn't make all the changes I requested. I probably wouldn't be too bothered by it except that I had to pay a custom fee.

Chevron and Aqua minky blanket
 I'm in love with this blanket and want one in my size! It's so soft and cuddly! Tara from Tara's Cozy Creations was amazing to work with and she shipped super fast. I hope baby boy likes this blanket as much as I do!

Change pad covers
 I also ordered the change pad covers from Tara. She has so many colours to choose from and was helpful when deciding on colours. I prefer the aqua colour (bottom, same as the blanket) but she only had the chevron in the turquoise. Since I have enough grey in the nursery, I wanted the pop of colour and pattern. It's not like the 2 covers will ever be used at the same time so it's not that big of a deal that they aren't the same colour.

Wash/burp cloth & soother leash
Tara was super generous and sent me these extra goodies! What a nice surprise! Is it obvious that I like chevron? :)

Gift from Lindsey
 Another surprise came in the mail- a gift for baby boy from Lindsey! Thanks again Lindsey- I love the stars and stripes!

Hats from Becky
Becky was sweet enough to offer me some of Liam's old hats that her mom made for him. How cute are they? I can't resist a knit hat! Thanks Becky!

Weekly Belly Pic

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I am beyond relieved to have found out today that baby boy is doing just fine! It was a rough few days while we waited for the 2nd ultrasound to determine if he had a growth restriction.

My initial reaction was correct- he's just a small boy, like his sister and his mom were. The detailed ultrasound today reassured us that while he is on the smaller size, he is likely on the same growth pattern as Audrey and probably won't tip the scale at birth. They estimate that he is currently 5 lbs, 6 oz. That doesn't seem all that small to me considering I was born at 5 lbs, 9oz. at 40-ish weeks. He still has plenty of time to gain more weight.

He appears to have grown significantly since the ultrasound 5 days ago and from watching the tech today versus the tech last week, I think there were some differences in how they measure which could account for the really small measurements last week. This time we had a senior tech who specializes in babies in-utero and she seemed very confident in what she was doing. The previous tech does all sorts of ultrasounds and seemed far less experienced. Regardless of the reason, the doctor did not seem concerned at all with the placenta, fluid levels or growth other than slightly on the small side.

However, the little guy is still frank breech. The good news is that since there isn't a growth issue, they will allow us to explore ways to help turn him, if we want, rather than opt straight for the Cesarean. The doctor said we are good candidates for the external cephalic version since the baby is a small size, fluid levels are good and he's in a favourable position. It is recommended to do it sooner rather than later so that fluid levels don't decrease and baby doesn't get too big.

My midwives have sent in the OB consult so hopefully we can get an appointment soon. Of course, it would be nice if he just turned on his own between now and then!

We feel a million times better and so relieved that he is ok, albeit in the wrong position. That, we can deal with!

Squishy face!

Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes, fat baby and flipping vibes!! It made it a lot better knowing we weren't dealing with this alone.

Keep sending the flipping vibes though!!

~Baby #2 Update~

Last Thursday, I had my prenatal appointment with the midwives. Of course, my main concern was finding out if baby was still breech or not. The midwife and the student both checked me and said there were signs leading to baby still being breech but there were still a few signs that he wasn't.

They suggested going for an ultrasound to confirm his position. If he was breech, they had a few suggestions (pulsatilla, moxibustion & acupuncture) to help make him flip but there was no sense in doing them if he wasn't actually breech.

On Friday morning, hubby and I went for the ultrasound. I had a sneaking suspicion while we were driving there that he was breech since I could feel his head in my ribs again.

Sure enough, the ultrasound confirmed he is breech. The tech also took a bunch of measurements, we saw he is practicing breathing which is great but he was pretty shy and wouldn't let us have a good look at his profile. From what we could see, he looks like Audrey.

We had to wait awhile for the doctor to come give us the results. When the doctor finally came in, she said the baby is measuring small for his gestational age and they would like us to go for an ultrasound early this week at the maternal fetal clinic which specializes in pregnancies.  They would be able to determine if the baby is in fact smaller and if there are any issues with the placenta that would be a possible cause. The doctor said if the baby is small then we need to look into transferring care to an OB and possibly have a csection sooner rather than later.

Our initial thought was that Audrey was a small baby (6.5lbs, five days over due), I was a small baby (5.5lbs full term) and my mom's babies were all under 7 lbs. After further thought and a phone call from one of my midwives, they probably wouldn't be sending us for a special ultrasound if the baby is only measuring a week or two behind. That is perfectly normal and acceptable. I measured behind with Audrey a week or two towards the end.

It's hard not to panic and stress about what could possibly happen, especially since we won't have any information until the more thorough ultrasound, which is now booked for Tuesday (today).

Needless to say, I spent the weekend organizing and buying the essentials for the baby and nursery, just in case we have a baby this week or next. I'm sure hoping not but if they determine he is better off outside than in we will do what we have to do. Thankfully he is full term now, although I'm not sure if they would still consider him a preemie due to his potentially small size.

And people were saying this baby wouldn't need newborn sized clothes! Apparently he took offense to those comments...

So please send lots of chunky monkey and flipping vibes so this little guy gets the message that it's not time to come out yet!

This is supposed to be my last week at work. Wonder if I will make it...

Monday, January 27, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

This weekend was the sequel to last weekend's "Prepping for Baby."

Friday was a different day. We had an ultrasound in the morning so I didn't go to work at my usual time and instead went with hubby to the appointment after dropping Audrey off at the dayhome. It was nice to sleep in a bit and see Audrey in the morning. It definitely makes me appreciate hubby getting her organized in the morning since it can be a lot of work, especially when on a schedule!

The ultrasound did confirm that the baby is breech. More details on that later.

While on our way to work mid morning, the dayhome called to say Audrey was coughing lots, had a really runny nose and her eyes were watering so hubby went to pick her up after her nap. Even though she was sick, she was in a good spirits but it's better to keep her away from the other kids so they aren't contaminating one another.

Hubby and Audrey picked me up after work and we had a low key night. Hubby started to not feel well either. It was the start of a weekend of sickness for those two.

Saturday I had a massage which was so nice. I think I prefer to lie on my side for the massage, rather than use the pregnancy pillow thing. It just isn't as comfortable for me.

After my relaxing massage, I started washing clothes and organizing the nursery. Lots of folding and hanging. Everything looks so tiny! Even though I had a good idea of how I was going to organize everything, it still took hours. I didn't mind since I enjoy that kind of thing and baby stuff is so cute!

Hubby helped me dig out the car seat out and other baby stuff that was nicely packed away in the basement. I can't believe how much room all the baby gear takes up! I don't know how people with limited space do it!

I also starting packing my hospital bag and Audrey's overnight bag. They are mostly done- just need to add a few more things.

Sunday, hubby was feeling a bit better so we all went to Costco. It was a relatively fast, yet still expensive trip! We stocked up on a lot of things since we probably won't be going for awhile, even though it's close by. Our fridge, freezer, pantry and basement pantry are stocked! Now if only the energy balls and muffins would make themselves! Anyone have any good bran and/or oatmeal muffin recipes to share? I've been scouring Pinterest but it's too overwhelming.

Hubby started to not feel well again so he rested and occupied Audrey while I did a bunch of cleaning and a few more things in the nursery. When she went down for a nap, I headed out to the mall to run a bunch of errands, specifically pick up the last remaining essential baby items. I managed to find most of what I needed.

The nursery is pretty much ready for it's occupant, even if I'm not! Still have to hang the shelf, find and put up some art work, buy a lamp, some more baskets, so all decorative stuff. I also need hubby to install the dimmer switch when he feels up to it.

I also stopped at Menchie's on my way home to finally satisfy that craving! It felt weird buying frozen yogurt by myself in -12C but a pregnant lady has to do what she has to do!

Audrey is still sick so she didn't go to the dayhome today. Instead my Mom came to watch her. She doesn't act sick, still a ball of energy, but her nose is running a lot and her cough is pretty bad. Hopefully she doesn't share with me!

Today is my last Monday, at work, for awhile. Should be an interesting week, that's for sure!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

An Easy Canvas Prints Review

The lovely Alison put me in contact with the folks at Easy Canvas Prints to do a review for them. I was beyond excited since I loved how her newborn photo of Delainey turned out and I've always wanted to do a canvas print but just never got around to it.

The hardest part of this whole process was deciding on a photo! Finally I decided on one of my favourite family photos that Whitney took last February. I knew it would look perfect on a canvas.

After that, the rest of the process was soooo easy! Just had to decide on size (I went with 8x10 since that's what was included with the review), canvas wrap thickness (I went with 0.75), and upload my picture. You can upload pictures from your computer, Facebook or Instagram.

Once the picture was uploaded, I could edit it slightly to centre the photo if needed and decide if I wanted to wrap the image around the sides, have it be a mirror or a colour.  I chose to wrap since that looked best for this picture.

They offer free shipping in the U.S. but most importantly for me in Canada, shipping was reasonable! It cost less than $7! What a deal! It arrived in a reasonable amount of time too.

The package arrived one evening and Audrey and I couldn't wait to open it up! Once we opened the box, she grabbed it and exclaimed "mine!"

I am thrilled with how it turned out!! The colours are so vibrant.

It looks even better in person.

I'm planning on putting up a gallery wall in the living room one of these days, but this picture is too amazing to not display until I get around to that. For now, it sits perfectly on the hutch in the dining room where I can see it every day!

** I was given a free 8x10 canvas (minus shipping) in exchange for my review.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

~Baby N#2: 36 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?

Goodness, how did we get to 36 weeks already? My due date is only 4 weeks away! Mind blowing!

Baby is getting closer to being able to breathe on his own. His skin is getting softer and internal organs are all working. 

What I'm Wearing?
The usual comfy outfits- nothing too exciting! I'm definitely going to miss my maternity wardrobe though. I've enjoyed dressing the bump. It's good at hiding all the other parts I don't like as much :)

Aversions or Cravings?
Muffins!! I should probably make some instead of buying them every couple of days!

How I'm feeling?
I get tired easily and my legs feel very heavy hauling this body around but I feel good knowing that I only have a couple more weeks left at work and can take some time to rest a bit.

My hips and lower back are starting to ache regularly but nothing unbearable or overly uncomfortable. Having regular chiro adjustments seems to be helping overall. Still getting leg cramps at night which are annoying, and sometimes even during the day.

Baby is also pressing against some nerves since I get weird shooting pains down my legs and under my belly. It's not too painful- more uncomfortable than anything. I also get slight heartburn in the evenings- I blame it on all the bending down picking up after Audrey!

Lots of movement lately. I could just sit and watch my belly do alien moves all day long. I keep trying to figure out his position based on the movements but I really have no clue. It seems to be less concentrated at night too which is a change. 

Belly Button?
It seems to be more in this week! Not sticking out as much.

Starting to go downhill. Partially related to Audrey but also having a harder time getting comfortable and now waking every time I need to roll over. Plus the bathroom breaks are getting more frequent. Nothing compared to having a newborn though!

# 2
- Prenatal Yoga DVD
- Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project- Month 8 DVD

Still having a hard time fitting in and having the energy for workouts in the evenings. I'm just doing what I can and that's all I can hope for. Hubby has started with a personal trainer so we are trying to motivate one another to workout- just like the old days!

What I'm Excited for? 
- Maternity leave starting soon!
- Organizing the nursery!
- My last Midwife Centering Session & Prenatal appointment this week- hopefully with good news that baby is head down
- Receiving our maternity photos! We saw the previews today and they are amazing!! I am so beyond thrilled with them! I don't know how I'm going to decide which ones to print!

What I Miss? 
- Sleeping well
- Rolling over without waking up
- Not having to pee every hour, or more

- Definitely our maternity photo shoot was a big highlight! We had such a great time with Whitney and I'm so happy the weather cooperated on the weekend.
- Finally getting the nursery painted and furniture put together! Such a relief to have that done so I can begin organizing.
- Spending time with C&L, helping us get ready for the new baby.
- Our Active Birth class with the midwives. Helped make it real that another little baby will be joining us really soon!

Baby Purchases & Projects?
Making headway on the nursery, which feels good! All the furniture is set up, thanks to hubby's brother and sister-in-law for helping with that task. We still might move some of the furniture around (haven't told hubby this yet) just to make sure of placement.

We did manage to find curtains quite easily. They need to be hemmed first since they are a tad too long, even for that massive window!

I ordered a few things on Etsy this week so they should be arriving soon. I'll take pictures once I have them.

I did receive a few things in the mail this week: my favourite nursing tank by Bravado that I snagged on a deal site and some soother clips.

My next project will be washing and organizing everything in the nursery closet and drawers. I've just been stuffing everything into the closet in a somewhat organized fashion but the more I stuff in there the more disorganized it becomes! My organization system with Audrey's nursery worked well so I plan to keep the same system for this room. No sense in reinventing the wheel!

It's all slowly coming together!

Weekly Belly Pic

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

AKA Weekend of prepping for baby. it's really happening!

Friday after work Audrey and I went for our chiro adjustments. While we can't confirm if baby has flipped, my sacrum and pelvis are responding positively to the multiple Webster adjustments so that's reassuring. Hopefully we will get news at our check up this week.

Hubby did the final coat on the stripes in the nursery.

Sneak peak!!

Yes, the walls are all the same colour! I know the non-stripe walls look beige but it's from the sun coming in. In regular light, and in person, the walls don't look nearly as different. Just goes to show how much lighting is a factor in how a paint colour turns out.

Saturday was an eventful and long day. We had the rest of our maternity photo session with Whitney. The weather was almost perfect for January, around 8C in the morning. We met at the Zoo again. Audrey was as good as I expected. I know Whitney got lots of great shots- she was so patient with us, especially with Audrey and had so many great ideas. I can't wait to see the final photos! Thanks Whitney for helping to capture this exciting time!

After we finished with photos, we visited a couple animals.

Warm enough even for the elephants!
We then headed down to Ikea to pick up a bunch of furniture and supplies for the nursery and Audrey's new big girl bed. We ate lunch first and then started the maze to pick up everything we needed.

Even though I had a list, had looked everything up online before hand, it still took us 3 hours!! We were all so exhausted and DONE by the time we left. Audrey was pretty cooperative considering that we ran over into nap time. She enjoyed trying out beds and running through the Ikea maze.

We ended up finding almost everything we needed, plus a few things that I didn't think we could get there so it feels good to have knocked a bunch of stuff off our list. Towards the end we just rushed through some sections so I might have to go back but we picked up the most important items.

Somehow we managed to fit everything into the back of hubby's SUV. I thought for sure we would have to take 2 vehicles but he convinced me that he could get everything in. We had to bring the stroller to the Zoo so I was a bit afraid that it wouldn't fit with all the furniture and there is no way I was leaving that behind!

Audrey surrounded by boxes (& a potty).

After 5 minutes on the road, she was out.

Once we got home, Audrey continued to sleep so hubby unloaded most of the furniture while I started on the chores. I was pretty exhausted though so I tried to stay off my feet.

After dinner, hubby started putting together Audrey's bed since he had promised her a new bed that day. It seemed like an easy task but it involved dismantling the crib in her room, empty the big book shelf and moving both pieces to the nursery (next door). The house quickly became a disaster zone with stuff everywhere!

Once they were done, Audrey was beyond excited for her big girl bed! She loves it! Makes me sad that she is so grown up now but I'm happy that she is okay with the transition.

She slept pretty much the same as she has recently- a couple wake ups and wanting Mommy or Daddy to cuddle with her for a bit. At least now we can lay down beside her rather than on the floor!

Sunday was another busy day of baby prep. Thankfully hubby and Audrey let me sleep in since I was so exhausted from the previous day's activities. Just can't be on my feet that long anymore.

While hubby picked up groceries, Audrey and I went in search of some bedding for her new bed. I didn't have much luck finding anything I liked online or in a few of the stores I had been to. We did pick up a duvet cover at Ikea but I wasn't in love with it and wasn't ready to settle just yet.

We did find one that I liked better at Winners so I was pretty happy about that. Audrey was pretty indifferent about it.

In the afternoon, hubby's brother and sister-in-law came over to help put together furniture and entertain Audrey. They were a huge help and there is no way we would have accomplished as much as we did this weekend if they hadn't helped! HUGE thanks to them for all their help! Audrey adores them so Auntie L kept her occupied while daddy and Uncle C built a bunch of furniture. We were nice this time and didn't block Uncle C in the basement with a couch!

Once the guys finished building, they moved on to oil changes! Another thing crossed off my to-do list!

Auntie L did a great job of entertaining Audrey and I while the boys worked. I managed to get a few chores done but I mostly took it easy since the previous day took it's toll on me.

They also spoiled us by bringing over dinner! Seriously, how lucky are we! They made the most delicious, healthy dish that I have been enjoying for lunches too.

After they left, Audrey and hubby put together the final piece of furniture, a small bookshelf for Audrey's room. Audrey was insistent that she help also. Milo took his supervisory role very seriously and settled into the chair for the long haul. I think he thinks the new nursery is for him...

Hubby must have had some crazy second wind because he starts painting and patching walls all over the house! Needless to say, we both went to bed way too late and have been paying for it ever since. I think we are both very happy with everything we accomplished this weekend and feel as though a huge weight is off our shoulders. Baby still can't come for at least a couple more weeks but it's good to know that it won't be mad chaos if he did come sooner than expected.

So that sums up our baby prepping weekend. There is still lots to do and we can finally do it now that the nursery is mostly put together. I'm so grateful that hubby and his brother took the time to get it done so that I can stop stressing about it!

Next weekend will be all about organizing! I'm kind of excited!

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's been awhile...

I haven't done an outfit post recently and my days of dressing the belly are numbered. On one hand, I am beyond excited to meet this little guy and have my body back to myself (although with breastfeeding it hardly counts as back to yourself!) but on the other hand I know I will miss my bump. I'm also dreading the postpartum awkward stage where nothing fits and my body feels like jelly! Baby is so worth it though.

I haven't been super creative with outfits lately since 1) my wardrobe is limited as to what fits and is comfortable and 2) I'm just too tired to try on a bunch of stuff ahead of time!

I also keep forgetting to take pictures daily (too busy!) so these are from over the last couple of weeks.

That belly has been growing! Still 5-ish more weeks to go- I'm not sure I can grow much more.

Speaking of outfits, we have a little stubborn fashionista on our hands! It appears that Audrey has inherited my love for purple and insists on wearing this one particular purple shirt anytime she sees it hanging in her closet. Sometimes it matches the rest of her outfit, other times it does not! It's a cheap 2nd hand George shirt that I picked up for daycare but she doesn't seem to care!

Favourite purple shirt of all time

Getting her dressed in the morning can be quite the process for hubby and I don't envy him. It was a struggle to get her to put on her Christmas dresses and apparently it can be like that every day when you don't let her wear what she wants! So please don't judge me based on my daughter's outfits- she does have nice, matching clothes but sometimes you just have to pick your battles!

Also, it seems I need to take more pictures of Audrey, and her interesting outfit choices! Poor girl comes by it honestly since my Mom said I changed my outfit multiple times a day and I'm sure my ability to match wasn't so good at first!

For example, it's snowy and cold out, yet she insists on wearing her rubber boots instead of her warm winter boots. It was a short walk.

One of the rare times she let me dress her properly, without clashing. She even let me put her hair in a pony tail! I won that day!

I sure hope she cooperates with her outfit for tomorrow's maternity shoot! I'm hiding that purple shirt!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

~Baby N#2: 35 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?


Coconut seems like an odd comparison- maybe even a bit small! I've never seen a coconut that big before! Baby won't be getting much longer now but will be plumping up. His hearing is fully-developed and he responds best to high-pitch noises. That probably explains why he was so active during dinner last night... 

What I'm Wearing?
I'm not being very creative with my outfits lately! If it fits, is comfortable and clean, I wear it!

Aversions or Cravings?
I've been craving veggies and salads lately which is a good thing! I'm still enjoying some daily chocolate.

How I'm feeling?
My energy is dwindling but my stress level has also gone down so overall I feel pretty good. The news that the baby is breech last week worried me at first but worrying about it doesn't change anything so I've decided to just trust my body, the baby and my chiropractor. Baby WILL turn!

Physically I'm starting to feel very pregnant. My pelvis is getting sorer, my legs seem to get tired very easily and I just feel heavy! Not too much to complain about since I know others feel way worse but it does seem to be earlier this time around that I feel this way.

I seem to be getting more leg cramps at night so I really need to eat more bananas.

I've also officially submitted my last working day, before taking a week vacation, as January 31st. That's coming up quickly! This probably means that I will be a week overdue but I really think I need the extra week off to get ready for this little baby just in case he comes early, or on time. I know I can always find a million things to do if he is late.

Baby is slowing down. Lots of hiccups but the kicks and punches seem to be less frequent. Still most active at night. He sure was kicking up a storm during dinner last night. I feel as though he is going to come out my belly button with all his antics. 

Belly Button?
So close to being all out. Depending on what I wear, you can see my popped belly button. I can still push it in though! I have the faint start of the linea nigra

I'm getting up usually 2x a night now but it's been a tough week for Audrey so usually those pee breaks coincide with cuddling and rocking her back to sleep. Not sure what's wrong- teething, growing pains, toddler-manipulation? Either way I'm exhausted and not sure I'm ready to deal with newborn wake ups again! Too late to go back now!

# 1
- Prenatal yoga DVD

Lack of energy has kept me from working out. It felt good to move yesterday and I've had to do a lot of the 3rd trimester modifications that they show in the DVD.

What I'm Excited for? 
- The rest of my maternity photo session with Whitney this weekend! This time I am actually excited for them. After last weekend's half session, I know that we are going to get some amazing photos! This teaser blew me away and it's crazy that just 10 minutes later it started raining/snowing with crazy winds!

- Painting should be done by the weekend which means we can actually go out and buy the furniture and start setting it up!!
- Our Active Birth Class with our midwives tomorrow

What I Miss? 
- Sleeping through the night!
- Being able to move nimbly!

- Definitely the partial maternity photoshoot with Whitney last weekend! She had a last minute availability, the weather looked good and I did want to do the photos closer to 34 weeks than 36 weeks. Unfortunately, the weather didn't quite cooperate and a sudden rain/snowstorm blew in out of nowhere but she did manage to get some amazing pictures before we decided to reschedule.
- Hubby painting the 2nd coat of paint in the nursery and it's looking more like how I wanted it to rather than bluish.
- Hanging out with my family and making the commitment to have dinner together monthly rather than spontaneously since that doesn't work with everyone's busy schedules.

Baby Purchases & Projects?
- Hubby did the 2nd coat of the grey and it looks so much better. He started painting the stripes- first coat is done and he plans to do the 2nd coat tonight. I haven't looked at them yet but I'm sure they will turn out great.
- Audrey and I picked up a few items for the nursery on the weekend so it's slowly coming together. I ordered a couple more things on Etsy this week so I should be getting some goodies in the mail this month.
- My sister has been picking up clothes for the little guy when she sees something cute so his wardrobe is getting bigger.  

Weekly Belly Pic