Wednesday, January 29, 2014

~Baby N#2: 37 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?

Winter Melon
Hello, full-term!! 

Little boy is practicing his breathing (we saw it on the ultrasounds!), sucking, gripping and blinking. 

What I'm Wearing?
My last week of maternity business clothes! I cheated and wore leggings one day though. With a blazer they are professional, right? I'm a bit sad to be wearing some of my favourite dresses for the last time but I am looking forward to wearing more comfortable clothes during the day.

Aversions or Cravings?
I finally satisfied that Menchie's craving this weekend. Sadly, the rest of the family was sick and had no desire to have ice cream but I went anyway. It was delicious! Still craving and eating lots of muffins.

How I'm feeling?
So relieved to find out that the baby is ok and not growth restricted.While he is still breech, that's a much more manageable situation than immediately having to remove baby because he isn't getting enough nutrients.
It was a very hard weekend emotionally as we tried to come to terms with what could potentially be a sick baby. Add that hubby and Audrey were sick with bad colds, it was just overwhelming. I'm not ready emotionally to let go of my baby inside of me. Physically, I feel pretty good for being full term and other than a head in my ribs, I can't complain. Even sleep hasn't been that bad- I remember it being far worse with Audrey at this point. Maybe it's just because I'm so exhausted from working and taking care of Audrey in the evenings!

In my paranoia that something was wrong with the baby's growth, I noticed that the baby wasn't moving as much. Granted, it was at night and then in the middle of the night so the poor guy was probably sleeping! In the morning, he reassured me with lots of activity that he was fine.  

Belly Button?
I think you can say it's officially out! It's not noticeable if I wear something with a thicker belly panel but with just a shirt you can see it popping through.
The linea nigra is still pretty faint at this point. I remember it being much darker with Audrey by now.

I'm still getting the occasional leg cramp at night and up a couple times for the bathroom but other than that I'm just thankful to have a healthy baby inside of me that is allowed to stay in there for awhile longer.

# 0
Yes, that would be zero workouts for the week and I'm ok with that. I've been doing lots of exercises to try to persuade baby to flip. I need to do more deep squats but I'm finding them a bit difficult and might be attributing to my leg cramps.
Hopefully next week when I'm officially on maternity leave I will be able to fit in working out 3-4x a week. I also need to walk more.

What I'm Excited for? 
- This baby to flip!!
- Maternity Leave starting on Monday!
- Finishing getting everything ready for this baby!
- Visiting some family & friends before baby comes (and after too).
- Hanging out with Audrey before she loses her only-child status

What I Miss? 
- Not worrying! My mom told me it's a parenting thing.

- Finding out that the baby is okay!
- Getting almost everything organized, even if it was in a mad panic in case he came this week.
- Menchies was definitely a highlight!

Baby Purchases & Projects?
It was a good mail week and I finally have a few pictures to show!

Closet organizers and monthly stickers
 I found it very helpful to have closet organizers for Audrey's clothes. Since I hang most of her clothes, this way I can see everything and don't miss out on any cute outfits.

I'm not 100% happy with these ones since I did a custom order through the vendor on Etsy but she didn't make all the changes I requested. I probably wouldn't be too bothered by it except that I had to pay a custom fee.

Chevron and Aqua minky blanket
 I'm in love with this blanket and want one in my size! It's so soft and cuddly! Tara from Tara's Cozy Creations was amazing to work with and she shipped super fast. I hope baby boy likes this blanket as much as I do!

Change pad covers
 I also ordered the change pad covers from Tara. She has so many colours to choose from and was helpful when deciding on colours. I prefer the aqua colour (bottom, same as the blanket) but she only had the chevron in the turquoise. Since I have enough grey in the nursery, I wanted the pop of colour and pattern. It's not like the 2 covers will ever be used at the same time so it's not that big of a deal that they aren't the same colour.

Wash/burp cloth & soother leash
Tara was super generous and sent me these extra goodies! What a nice surprise! Is it obvious that I like chevron? :)

Gift from Lindsey
 Another surprise came in the mail- a gift for baby boy from Lindsey! Thanks again Lindsey- I love the stars and stripes!

Hats from Becky
Becky was sweet enough to offer me some of Liam's old hats that her mom made for him. How cute are they? I can't resist a knit hat! Thanks Becky!

Weekly Belly Pic


  1. How do you still look so beautiful?! I'm always so puffy at the end! Love all the purchases and I can't wait to see his room!

  2. Love all of the stuff you bought! And adorable presents that Lindsey and Becky sent you. Crazy that your mat leave starts on Monday...does it feel real yet?

  3. You look amazing! So glad baby boy is safely on his way ;-)

  4. Love your new positive take on the pregnancy!! Crazy what a little scare can do!! Who would think we would be grateful for the unpleasantries of pregnancy!! Lol. Soo glad he is safe and sound and that your stress levels have decreased with the new reassurance!
    You look great!!
    Love all the gifts and purchases!! I need to get some monthly stickers!!
    I can't wait to see your nursery!! Our colors are soo similar!!

  5. Looking great!! Love the gifts!! I would contact the etsy seller. Everything looks super cute though!! Yay for comfy clothes! That was the best!!


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