Monday, March 31, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

Friday we had doctor's appointments for both children- Audrey had her follow up for her viral induce asthma and Leo had his 2 (ish) month check.

We managed to get out of the house on time which is a miracle! Our doctors office is about 25 minutes away so it's not super close. 

Both kids were weighed. Audrey came in at a whopping 26.5 lbs, fully dressed! Leo is now 10 lbs, jumping to the 15% percentile from 5% at birth. Yay Leo!! 

Audrey's breathing is much better, no more wheezing or coughing. Her runny nose is likely from allergies (although we aren't 100% sure what from- cat, environment?). The doctor wants her on the maintenance inhaler for the rest of winter just to be safe. 

Leo is doing great. No concerns with him. He has a normal newborn rash on his chest/back/face which should go away on its own. No concerns about his hips from being breech but they will keep an eye on them. 

Of course Audrey had woken up super early that day so she fell asleep in the car on the way home- a couple hours before nap time and lunch. I drove around a bit and grabbed some Timmy's. I tried to transfer her when we got home but she woke up as soon as I unbuckled her so that was the end of her nap. 

We went for dinner to the in-laws that night and Audrey spent the night. It was a great break for us since her sleep her been awful lately and she's just exhausting in general! 

Saturday morning hubby and I slept in which was glorious! We didn't get out of bed until 9am! We lazed around and Leo and I went on a shopping date to the mall in the early afternoon. 

I had to return a few things and Leo just slept the entire time. He's such a good shopping partner. 

Hubby did the grocery shopping while Audrey napped so it was nice to get the major chores out of the way so we could enjoy Sunday as a family. 

Audrey cam!

Sunday Audrey woke up pretty early. She has figured out she can reach the light switches and open doors so she does that in the middle of the night now when she wakes up. Suddenly the switch to the big girl bed doesn't seem so smart now!

It's been snowing pretty much non-stop here for a few days. It's the light, pretty snow that feels like being in a snow globe. I know commuters & runners are hating it but it's so pretty to look out the window and see it falling. 

Audrey & hubby shovelled the driveway and then we went to the mall so Audrey could run around and burn off some energy. Hopefully the weather will get nicer soon so we can go outside for more than 15 minutes before freezing but for now the mall works well. 

After lunch, we went to Menchies. I have been having insane cravings lately and it's a nice family activity, even if it does seem odd to go for ice cream when it's this cold and snowy out!

She enjoyed it, I promise!!

After the kids went to bed, we watched 21 Jump Street. I hadn't seen the whole thing yet. It was so funny! Definitely had me laughing pretty hard!

We don't have too many plans this week. Trying to find some activities that I can put Audrey in that also allow me to bring Leo. Haven't had much luck finding anything though. That girl needs a lot of stimulation and hanging out at home with mom and brother isn't cutting it!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to Survive the 1st Six Weeks with a Newborn & Toddler

This will be a bit tongue in cheek since I like to use humour to get through trying times. It's better than wine. Well, not really, but it's not as frowned upon as having wine during the day while caring for your children. At least when they are awake...

1. Nap when the babies nap. Great advice. Totally do it. Unless your children do not tandem nap and take turns being awake. I often count down the minutes until Audrey's afternoon nap time. Finally get her down (after multiple stories, short cuddles, water, finding her Dolly & monkies, etc), just to have Leo wake up. Some day those two will nap at the same time- just in time for Audrey to start dropping her nap I'm sure! Oh and this is assuming that Audrey agrees to have a nap because some days she doesn't.

2. Freezer Meals- Genius idea and I can't stress how important this is. Unfortunately, I didn't get to stock the freezer as much due to Leo coming early but we did have some meals in there, plus we had some wonderful family and friends send along meals to help us in the early days. Life savers!

3. Lower your expectations on what you can accomplish in a day- aka nothing! Slight exaggeration but I've really had to scale back on my to-do lists and not stress about what I'm not accomplishing each day. As long as everyone is fed, dressed, teeth brushed and the house isn't a health hazard, life is good! Ok that's a lie- I do stress about the small things often but it really does no one good. I'm starting to let go if the house has toys everywhere all day long or toddler crumbs on the floor. Of course it has to be cleaned up before bedtime but old habits are hard to break! ;)

Or turn cleaning into a fun activity!

4. Accept help. If someone offers to help- either taking care of your toddler, holding your newborn, giving you food, cleaning your house or do laundry, take it!! No need to be a hero super mom and do it all yourself! With my first, I was all about doing everything myself and not needing people to help me with easy tasks, Partly because I really didn't feel I needed the help- one is easier than two, I know now. These days, I take every reasonable offer for help! Not because I can't do it (I can't) but why should I turn down help? It takes a village to raise a child. And maybe this way I can go to the bathroom or have a shower without an audience. 

Thanks Alison for climbing with Audrey

5. Love your spouse. This time is all about survival. It's not a competition on who is more sleep deprived (I am). Be nice to one another and when you have moments where you are not, apologize. Sleep deprivation can make you irrational but acknowledge that and don't let it affect your relationship. You are in this together.

6. Attempt to find a moment of alone time each day whether it's an hour long bath or 5 minutes in your room. The hardest part of 2, so far, is that you always have at least one child to care for. No more trading off. 

Rare alone time for a hair cut (I did have Leo)

7. Keurig coffee machine! I got one for my 1st Mother's Day- it's been a lifesaver! I've had to up my caffeine intake to two cups a day- one for each child. 

Keurig + Baileys= amazing!

8. Figure out a routine and some activities for your toddler to do that don't require too much work for you either in prep or clean up. It is suddenly very difficult to get out the door so you need to keep the toddler from going crazy inside, especially while nursing the newborn for what feels like hours on end. Once we can go out/outside things should get better but there just aren't enough arms or energy for those shenanigans right now!

1. Aqua Doodle    2. Tea party with Monkey
3. Baking with Mom        4. Button Game

9. All else fails, at least you can enjoy a glass of wine now!! Oh, it's the little things!! :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

A fantastic weekend that ended too soon :(

Friday was hubby's birthday so we met him downtown for lunch at The Keg. Other than our food taking a long time, it was good and both children behaved so we may take them out in public again ;) 

(bad wife didn't take any pictures!)

Note- I got that girl to wear a skirt, hat and sunglasses!! Mommy win!

Hubby went to the hockey game that night. My bestie came over and spent the evening with us. It was so nice to catch up with her and Audrey loved having someone new to play with boss around! 

Saturday morning Uncle C and Auntie L came over to hang out with Audrey aka give us a break! They made us breakfast and let us sleep in a bit. So heavenly!! They even brought us crack aka coffee from Starbucks! A parents' dream!!

They spent the morning keeping Audrey occupied so that I could run errands with just Leo and hubby could do some gardening. HUGE thanks to them!! :)

When I got home I was exhausted from 1.5 hours of shopping so I had a nap. I wasn't quite as product be as I wanted to be but sometimes sleep is more important! Plus I started to feel a cold coming on and I definitely don't have time for that!! 

Sunday we all slept in until after 8am. Leo and I were out of bed before hubby and Audrey! Although they were up from 4-5:30am with some morning shenanigans which explains the sleep in. 
We had a Shaw tech come over to hook up cable since they offered us a great deal for only $5 more a month for 6 months. Hubby mostly misses sports so we figured it would be worth it for a few months.

I escaped the house by myself for a couple hours to run errands while hubby stayed home with both kids. I received notification that my diaper bag had been delivered and sure enough it was in the community mailbox!! So excited!! 

It's pretty awesome!! :) 

When I got back hubby looked a little frazzled! Taking care of two is difficult! 

I made brownies, since that's what he requested for his birthday 'cake'.

Looking so big!

We went to my sister's for dinner. I love that my nieces and nephew keep Audrey entertained while we visit. It's a nice break! And my mom and sis fight over who gets to hold Leo! 

That sums up our great weekend. We have a busy week of visiting coming up. I also have to work on getting Leo's birth announcements out before the postage increase! Yikes that's nasty!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

.:Leo: 6 Weeks:.

I know I say it every time, but how is it possibly 6 weeks since Leo was born? It seems like yesterday, yet months ago! I feel like I was pregnant eons ago. I want to cry at how fast time is going by. Every day the little man changes!

Eating: Leo is a pretty good little eater. We feed on demand so anywhere from 1-3 hours during the day. His feeds are getting shorter and shorter which means he is getting more efficient. As much as I love the breastfeeding cuddles, it's nice to not be tied to the couch for so long.

Sleeping: We moved Leo to his crib in his room at just over a month for night time. He usually wakes every 3-4 hours for a feed. Lately I've been falling asleep in the recliner with him so by the time I wake up it's almost time for his next feed! I usually end up bringing him into our bed around 3-4am. He has a harder time falling back asleep at that point and I'm desperate for sleep since I know I have to be up in a couple hours for when Audrey wakes up. I'm hoping he starts sleeping for longer stretches at night soon. I'm debating trying him in a swaddle sack since he's not a huge fan of being swaddled but if I could swaddle his arms after he is asleep he might sleep longer.
Naps are still anywhere- swing, bouncy chair, my arms, or car seat if we are out. His awake periods are getting longer- sometimes he is awake for an hour+. His naps are still all over the place in duration- ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours. I try to discourage the longer ones because I want him to do those stretches at night, not during the day, even though they are nice!

Caught a sleeping smile!

Diapers: Newborn size but only until we use up this box and he will be on to size 1s. I'm also planning on cloth diapering pretty soon. Just need to get around to stripping them (cleaning them really well) since I planned to do that before he was born but as we know, he came early.

Weight/Size: We were supposed to have Leo's 6 week midwife appointment today, our last before being discharged to the family doctor, but Mother Nature had other plans and sent in a huge blizzard so we postponed the appointment for another 2 weeks. He hasn't been weighted since he was 2 weeks old so I'm dying to know how much he weighs now since he's getting chunky! I decided to just weigh him at home on the scale with me (I really wanted to avoid the scale for myself but it wasn't as horrible as I thought) to get an idea and he weighs close to 10 lbs, with clothes & diaper on. My scale isn't digital so it doesn't show ounces but it at least gives me an idea of how much he weighs.
His first appointment with our family doctor is next Friday so we will find out his weight & length.
While he hasn't grown out of most of his newborn clothes, I've put most of them away since they are getting smaller and his 0-3 month wardrobe is much bigger. I was getting a bit bored of the same 7 sleepers and he has so many cute clothes in his closet!! I'm a bit sad that my tiny newborn is getting so big though.

Hair and eyes: His hair seems to be getting a bit darker and the bald spot on top of his head is filling in. His eyebrows which were blond at birth are getting darker also- it looks funny, almost like dirt on his face! Maybe he won't be as fair as I thought he might be. His eyes are still a beautiful vibrant blue but they could stay that way for months before changing, if they do.

Personality: Leo is pretty relaxed most of the time. Hubby keeps saying he is so much more laid back than Audrey was at this age. For the most part I think he may be right but he does have his moments of not being content in his swing or bouncy chair and just wanting to be held by Mommy. Or maybe he just seems quiet because we can't hear him over his loud sister!

Leo has smiled a couple times at us, we think intentionally. He has a pretty cute smile and I can't wait to see more of it!

Nicknames: Little Man, Munchkin, Mr. Leo, Lovey

Likes: Cuddling, eating, listening to his sister talk to him, looking around, his swing

Dislikes: His carseat (sigh), dirty diapers, being hungry or cold, baths (until he warms up)

My recovery: I've been taking it easy most days, mainly because it is so physically and mentally draining to take 2 children anywhere by myself! We planned to take it easy this week because I was starting to get sore after 3 outings last week. I'm feeling better as of right now. I've been taking Traumeel which is a natural anti-inflammatory and it seems to be helping.
Mentally I am having a harder time. Two kids are so much more demanding than one (or maybe it's just my toddler?Are they all crazy?) and I rarely get a moment to myself. By the time hubby comes home from work and we eat dinner it's too late to do much of anything and I'm usually so exhausted anyway. I did sneak out of the house with Leo one night to the grocery store because I needed to GTFO of the house before I lost my mind.
Hopefully as time goes on things get easier. I definitely miss the ease of doing things when I only had a newborn to care for.
I also think once I feel good enough to workout again I will feel 1000x better! It's always been my stress reliever and something I've done for ME so not having that for the last 6 weeks+ has made it tough.

Big Sister: Audrey still loves her little brother. She has started calling him "Mr. Leo" after hearing me call him that. The other night when I had to put her to bed, I was holding Leo and she said "Love you, Leo!" Just melted my heart! She can be so sweet sometimes!
She is definitely acting like a 2 year old. She likes to test us. Her sleep has completely gone downhill. I think she wakes up more than Leo does! We aren't really too sure what to do. Hubby has been spending many nights in her bed more than ours which isn't good for him and a bad habit for her.

Reading to baby brother

I'm slightly regretting not keeping her in the day home for a day or two during the week, just to give me a break and some more interaction for her. Of course I wasn't planning on having a csection and dealing with that recovery so I'm sure that accounts for why I'm finding it so difficult.

Misc: We've taken Leo to see the Chiropractor a couple times now. We wanted to make sure he didn't have any issues from his birth or being breech, especially since Audrey did have a sore neck when she was a newborn. His neck and pelvis were a bit out- he has a tendency to turn his head left so we want to correct that so he doesn't end up with a flat spot. Happy spine = happy baby!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

.:Leo's Newborn Photos:.

Leo's newborn photo shoot with Whitney was done when he was 10 days old. He was the perfect angel and slept right through them.

The biggest challenge was, of course, big sister. She's just not the biggest fan of the camera, or wearing what I would like her to wear! We had a battle to get her to wear one of the outfits I picked out for her!

Whitney arrived with her massive amount of props and equipment. She set up while I fed Leo into a deep slumber and hubby entertained Audrey until she was needed.

Whitney and I just chatted the whole time and it was so relaxing (until the part with the toddler...)

As usual, I love what she ended up capturing! So many photos of Leo and his pure newborn sweetness! The genius that Whitney is, even caught a couple Audrey smiles on camera!

I'm not sure how I'm going to pick which ones to frame!

Thanks again Whitney!

Half marathon medals we "earned" together

Sign made by big sister, Auntie L and Uncle C
the night Leo was born

Love my little family!