Monday, May 19, 2014

~May Long Weekend Recap~

This weekend's plans were all weather dependent so not everything got done that we hoped but some progress was made. We were still able to spend lots if time outside. 

Friday we met a friend at Coffee and Scream in the morning so Audrey could play while we visited. She had a blast and she interacts so well with other kids which is so important for her. Leo was a tad bit fussy- maybe from his shota a couple days before? 
I went to yoga after the kids were in bed. It was another flow class, which I am LOVING! I also love that this is one hour all to myself, where I won't be interrupted by anything. So often my workouts at home are interrupted by a crying baby or a toddler who refuses to nap so this one hour a week is really for me and I so look forward to it. 

Saturday we went to Home Depot to get the supplies to stain the deck and fence.  My in-laws came over afterwards. The boys worked in the back yard sanding down deck and prepping for the staining- which didn't get done because of the rain forecast all weekend but at least the prep is mostly done and that's the biggest job! My mother-in-law helped entertain the kids and watched them while they napped so I could run a few errands. 

I ended up running into one of my midwives which was a nice surprise! It's so hard to believe that it's been several months since I've seen her- before Leo was born! 

Sunday we went for brunch at Cora's and get groceries afterwards. 

Hubby worked in the backyard again while I did stuff around the house to prepare for my Dad's visit this week. I attempted a treadmill run but it was cut short by a fussy baby. Oh well. 
Audrey spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's. We hoped that meant a good night's rest for us but alas Leo thought he needed to carry on the night time shenanigans in his sister's absence! Of course she slept perfectly fine at G&G's house! 

Monday morning I woke up feeling awful. I knew a cold was coming on, plus Audrey and Leo both had runny noses so we caught something. Hubby took Leo in the morning so I could sleep some more. His brother came over to help in the yard again. We had planned for me to take the kids to his place so Audrey could play with her cousin while the guys worked but my niece had a fever and I felt sick so  Audrey just spent all morning at G&G's instead. After she came home and napped, she helped Daddy outside. She loved helping him!! 

Even though the staining didn't get done, a lot of progress was made in the backyard. It didn't actually rain that much but enough to postpone the painting. 


  1. Does Audrey have pigtails in the picture from Cora's? Staining the deck is a pain...I've done ours twice, but worth it in the end

  2. haha - doing outside work with Daddy seems to be a popular toddler activity. Max helped his Dad make a sandbox this weekend. He was begging to "go to work" this morning.

  3. That deck and fence looks like a big job! We have to repaint our front porch and I'm dreading it!! I'm hoping the power washer will take off most iof the old paint! Lol. Look at little miss A helping out!! Soo cute!!
    Sounds like a great weekend, minus feeling sick! Hope you feel better soon!!
    Ps. Love Cora's waffles!!

  4. LOVE Audrey's outfit at Cora's!! Where is Cora's? So glad the weather is getting better and more time can be spent outside! SO needed.


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