Thursday, May 8, 2014

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Yesterday, Leo went to his first movie! We went to a Stars and Strollers showing of The Other Woman with a friend and her baby, while Audrey was at daycare.

It was funny, albeit very far fetched. Leo behaved himself and slept or ate most of the movie. It was a fun thing to do and nice to see a movie since I can't even remember the last time I was at the theatre!

Funny picture in the theatre
I really don't have dark under eye circles- it's a shadow!

2. I've been working on getting this girl to wear dresses. I figure if she wears them on a regular basis she won't resist wearing them so much for a special occasion. So far it's working out well. The only downside is that she skinned her knees and elbow when she fell during our walk. Oops!

And this was last week, since this week most walks were done wearing a snowsuit (except today- the sun is out!). Stupid spring snow!

3. Out takes from Leo's 3 month photo shoot.

Hungry baby + silly toddler= chaos!


  1. I have been thinking of going to a movie with A since there are lots I want to see, we have tried to go on date nights to the movies twice since having her and both time the movies we wanted to see were sold out!
    I think I take 100 photos to get a few good ones every shoot we do.

  2. I wish our theatre did that!!! There are two movies I want to see!! I don't often want to go to the movies, although the popcorn is my fav!!
    Love the dress idea! She will get the hang of it!!
    I have to do Noah's Sunday and I'm hoping he co-operates!! He is captain cranky today.

  3. I kept wanting to do that when D was smaller but never did! I want to see that movie, look silly. :) Love her dress and owl backpack! Poor knees though! Awe love the outtakes!! :) Those are always awesome. HOW is he 3 months old already??? My goodness. Pause, time. Pause.

  4. I thought it was a pretty funny movie! My grandma used to make me wear dresses all of the time, and I would just flash my underwear while wearing them instead. That taught her for making me wear frilly dresses that I hated! ;)

  5. I saw that movie. It was funny, but yes quite far fetched! Love those outtakes! Such adorable little ones!! :)

  6. I got the twins to wear dresses by having them wear them with leggings int he winter and capris or shorts in the summer. Now they would wear them all the time. The trick was finding really soft dresses. Old Navy makes great ones for pretty reasonable prices. They feel like tshirts. Also - having them wear them with something underneath meant that there were no free shows at the playground! I think they were around 3 before they really got into it, though.


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