Thursday, June 5, 2014

~Thursday Random Thoughts~

1. Yesterday was National Running Day and I celebrated by running 4K outside!! Woohoo! I've been running consistently (minus the 5 days my Dad was visiting) for a couple months now but almost always inside since I try to do it during nap time on the treadmill. Well yesterday was a busy day (Wednesday is usually my rest day) so I didn't workout during the day but hoped I could get Leo in bed early enough so I could run outside. The stars aligned, he cooperated and I was out the door by 8pm.

I still have some pains in my knees and achilles and I'm hoping maybe a new pair of shoes fixes it? I should probably go back to the chiro again to make sure I'm staying aligned. I DO NOT want an injury of any sort.

2. Yesterday morning, Leo and I walk around Nose Hill Park with my friend A and Baby C. Sadly the mosquitos ate me alive! I have so many bites! And I may have forgotten sunscreen again... I need to put it in the car so I have it one me all the time. And bug spray too.

I wish I had a bug net!

3. Yesterday afternoon, my friend and I took the babies (Audrey was at the day home) to see Maleficent.

It was a pretty good movie! I'm not always a fan of Angelina Jolie but she did a great job. It was a bit loud for Leo at some points and he was trying to sleep so he was not happy! I had to leave the theatre for a few minutes to calm him down and then he fell asleep for the last half an hour.

While in the parking lot, just about to leave, we saw three cops on bikes ride by to the far end of the mostly empty lot. There was a car parked there and I suppose it looked suspicious. A guy and a girl were in it and we were trying to guess what they were doing. They got out of the car and it looked like the cops searched it and them but after 10-15 minutes the cops got back on their bikes and rode off.

4. There is a sad lack of photos in this post. It's so hard to take pictures with 2 children anymore. Maybe I should get one of those tripods that mounts your camera on your head!

5. Today we did some power shopping in the morning. June is a busy birthday month so we had a bunch of gifts to buy. Audrey always enjoys playing in the kids area and it's my way of bribing her for being good while I shop. Plus I can feed Leo while she plays.

Climbing the "rocks"
(She's in a dress!)

Playing around post lunch

6. I wanted to share one of my biggest peeves. I hate when you bring home the leftovers from the restaurant and you are all excited to eat them the next day, for lunch or whatever and you open the fridge to find out someone else ate them!!!!. Hubby and Audrey ate all the leftover pizza from last week's dinner out and I was not happy! There were 6 pieces left and they ate them all! This Mom was not impressed!
The pizza that they didn't share with me :(
Reminds me of the time when I had leftover pasta from Earls (which they have since taken off their menu- jerks!) and hubby ate it!! I had just had eye surgery, recovery was much slower than expected, my eyes hurt, I couldn't see and he ate my pasta!! It's probably a good thing for him that I couldn't see! That was 4 years ago and I'm still bitter about it! Haha!

Any random things to share? What's your biggest pet peeve?


  1. Awesome run yesterday! I have not ran since Sunday but am planning to go out tomorrow morning since Chad will be home.
    I hate when people ate things that I was saving too. Chad (now) knows better but with roomates in the past I would get pretty annoyed.

  2. Nice work on the run!! I went today and almost died. ha
    I totally laughed out loud at your pizza and pasta eating!! I am so the same way, I look forward to something so bad and then if it's gone I am crushed!! ha I love my food!!
    Glad you got out to a movie - I heard that is a good one!

  3. I HATE THAT TOO. I also hate when we have enough leftovers of a home made meal, that we could have it again the next night....and then someone takes half of it to work for lunch. But of course I don't notice until late afternoon that it's mostly gone. Ah the joys of having house mates (good thing we love them eh?).

  4. I need to spend more time outside because I haven't noticed the mosquitoes being that bad. Well, I walk Harley but we don't go on the grass often. One time Brian split up some left overs that had pasta in it, and Brian took most of the pasta and left me with just veggies. I sent him a pretty mad text message the next day at lunch and haven't let him live it down! Haha

  5. I get annoyed when I go to get something from the cupboard (like crackers or something) and there are like 2 left or the box is gone and we have none! At least tell me so I can buy more! And another random pet peeve - people that park so close to my car that I can't get baby in. I try to park where there is lots of room.

  6. Mosquitos are horrible here this year too!! Hate those suckers!!
    I get super annoyed when M eats my food!! And he wonders why i end up possessive of my snacks or favorites haha. I can still remember him eating my specialty chocolate bars I bought when they stopped making them. I am also notorious for forgetting I have something!
    Apparently there is a theatre about 45 minutes away that does the movie with babies allowed, but I have yet to go haha.
    I need to start using my camera more instead of my phone!!


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