Monday, June 2, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

This weekend didn't feel like much of a weekend but I guess that happens once and awhile.

On Friday we had a lovely visit with my friend A and her little girl who is only 3 days older than Leo (but weighs at least a pound more!). Audrey loves A (she's a teacher). I love our weekly visits and am so grateful to have met her- first at prenatal yoga and then turns out we had the same midwife group so we've continued to keep in touch. 

Friday night hubby suggested we go out for dinner. We didn't really have much planned for dinner so I jumped at the chance to get out and go to one of our favourite pizza restaurants. As soon as hubby got home we dashed to the restaurant, only to see that it was closed down :( Wahhhhhh!! It looks like it's going to open up as another pizza place so hopefully to will be just as good. (The Rock, for any local folks).

I was pretty bummed since I really wanted pizza and so did Audrey. We remembered that a Famoso opened up close by so that's where we ended up going. They have pretty good pizza but the other place was still our favourite. 

It was a rush for us to get home in time for me to put Leo to bed and head out to yoga. He wasn't quite down when I left but hubby bravely dealt with both kids so that I could get an hour of relaxation. 

Saturday I got to sleep in! Audrey helped Daddy in the backyard all morning while Leo and I hung out inside. I even manage to get a run in on the treadmill. 

In the afternoon, I headed out for some alone time to run errands. I went to Target (where I score a cheap pair of black flats that I have been on the hunt for), and Once Upon A Child where I found a few things for the kids. T25, pool

Dress-up Doll

When I got home and Audrey woke from her nap, we went into the backyard and played in the little pool. She loved it!! We had to boil water to make it warm enough for her to play in but she didn't seem to mind!! 

Backyard pool

After the kids were in bed, we watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. LOVED IT!! So good!! I read the books a couple years ago so can't remember everything which makes watching the movie ok. I seriously couldn't remember what happened so it was just as exciting as if I had never read the book.

Sunday morning we tried to find Audrey a bike but didn't have much luck. Hubby had to go work all afternoon so the kids and I hung out at home (they napped). I watched my FB newsfeed explode with details of the Calgary marathon results. Congratulations to Lindsey and all my running buddies who had great races! It was the first time in 3 years that neither Hubby or I were racing. I was pretty bummed to not be involved in the 50th anniversary but I didn't feel ready to run a 5K yet and forget about the logistics of dealing with two kids! I'm now contemplating signing up for a fall half marathon. I really miss my running buddies but wonder how realistic it will be to train with 2 kids, unless I do most of it by myself, which for that distance does not appeal to me. I have about 2 weeks to decide before the next half clinic starts. I know I can do it, it's just whether or not I want to make the commitment since I will have to sacrifice other things. 

I worked out in the afternoon which made me feel better! 

After the kids were in bed I finished the rest of the grocery shopping. I may have stopped at DQ on the way home, since our Menchies plans fell through when hubby had to work. ;)


  1. You should try Amicis for pizza - it's our fav!! Or our watering hole has good pizza you can pick up!!!
    YAY for DQ - I love we have that close one now...or maybe I should hate it!! ha ha We went for Cruz's bday!!
    I loved that movie too - so awesome!! Sounds like a great weekend! :)

  2. I hate that we don't have any non-chain restaurants around here, aside from our pub here in the village. There are a few in town, but non worth eatting at! We also don't have a goto pizza place anymore! We now order from Pizza Hut. It sounds like you had a good weekend otherwise though! I love DQ blizzards, although I can't eat a lot of it.

  3. Looks like you had a good weekend :) I still don't know why The Rock you?

  4. i want that little baby pool! yeah for yoga and sleeping in!


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