Monday, June 30, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

This weekend wasn't technically a long weekend since hubby has to work today.

Friday morning we went for a walk to the Farmer's Market by my house with Alison, Delainey and Lily. It was so nice to finally meet Lily- she is such a sweet girl! She loved Milo, and he soaked up the attention.

The mamas got their dose of Phil and Sebastian's delicious coffee while the bigger girls played on the playset outside. It was a gorgeous morning! We did a bit of shopping and then walked back to my place. Audrey was tuckered out which is exactly what I wanted to happen.

After Alison and the girls left, Audrey wanted to eat her pear in the stroller and Leo was sleeping so we headed to the park. I definitely got my upper body workout pushing those two!

After naps, we made an emergency stop at the chiropractor since my back, hips and knees were causing me pain. I have a race, just a 5K thankfully, in less than a week so I needed to get a tune up badly! The Doctor said I was in pretty bad shape so it's a good thing I went in. She used her elbows on my butt and I'm pretty sure she bruised me! I've been rolling out my glutes, IT bands and stretching my hip flexors like crazy. I've also taken a few days off from working out so I can be race ready for Sunday. Fingers crossed!

Rolling partner

Saturday I had a spa appointment for a manicure and pedicure- the last of my Mother's Day gift certificate. It was so relaxing and my fingers and toes look so pretty now! Can I go to the spa every weekend?

Relaxing at the spa

Afterwards I picked up new running shoes since I'm pretty sure my old pairs are done and hopefully that's why I'm having knee pain. At least I'm hoping that explains it. Fingers crossed!

I came home and hubby had both kids napping, in their beds. He's good!

When they woke up we went to a BBQ. There were a few other kids there but mostly under 1. It was nice to see some friends we haven't seen in awhile and celebrate the good news that the hosts are expecting!! Yay more babies!

Super hero!
Maybe he can use his powers to fix my knees!

Sunday we didn't do too much- mostly chores around the house. The weather wasn't very nice so it was a good day for organizing. Leo was kinda grumpy so I didn't accomplish much other than lots of bouncing! We went to my sis' for dinner so my arms got a bit of a break while other people entertained Leo. Thank goodness for Aunts, Uncles and Grandmas!

We have a pretty busy week coming up so we are taking it easy today while hubby works.


  1. Is your 5K coming up the Stampede Road Race? I'm registered for that too if so. I'm coming down with Liam so I'll be pushing him and then I registered him for the toddler race afterwards! We should meet up if you're going to be there!

  2. You reminded me I did not call my Chiro today! My toes on my left foot keep going numb if I sit too long - I have had nerve issues since labour.
    YAY for spa days! I need to book one soon :) Still have Christmas gift cards,

  3. Best coffee ever!!! :) Hope the shoes help but your rolling buddy is very cute!! :) Sounds like a good weekend!! Glad you were pampered:) See you tomorrow!! :)

  4. Which farmer's market is by your house? I might have to check it out sometime. And glad you were able to have some "you" time and pamper yourself :)

  5. I need to get a pedicure! I'm wayyy overdue! Which 5K are you doing? Hopefully you're feeling better now that you've been to the Chiro!

  6. I so need a pedicure.... at least it's Stampede week and I can wear boots Ha ha
    What kind of shoes did you pick up? I have been struggling with knee pain as well and I think I finally narrowed it down to tight quads that are pulling on my knee. But at this point I will try anything to help it!


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