Monday, June 9, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

Finally a gorgeous weekend without rain!! A lot of time was spent outside enjoying the sun!

Friday was an uneventful night. I went to yoga in the evening. It was an ok class- they had a sub who isn't my favourite but I still enjoyed it. Afterwards I picked up a Blizzard for hubby and I to share while I caught up on Mad Men.

Saturday we went to a joint birthday party for our Goddaughter and her stepbrother. They live in one of the lake communities in the South. The kids had a blast. Audrey loved playing in the sand and the highlight was going on a row boat. She wouldn't stop talking about it.

Birthday cake and cupcakes!
Audrey made sure she got a good spot!
We ended up stopping for dinner on our way home and I ran into a  coworker. I was guilt tripped into visiting the office since I still haven't made it down there yet! Hopefully this month I can plan something.

After Leo was in bed I went out for a run. It was such a gorgeous night and the perfect temperature.

On Sunday we went over to my BIL and SIL's new house to help with painting. Well hubby helped while I provided the distractions! We hung out in their massive backyard and enjoyed the sun, some bubbles, soccer ball and food! I got a burn, despite putting sunscreen on!

I went home early with the kids so they could nap while hubby continued to help with the painting. I snuck in a workout while they napped.

Best thing ever!
Hubby came home, grabbed Audrey and went grocery shopping. It was a pretty quiet evening and I again stayed up too late watching Mad Men.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I have no desire to live that far south, but having access to the "lake" would be nice!

  2. How far away is the lake? I would miss lake life if we ever moved there - not that it is an option with our family buisness! Lol.
    Looks like fun though!
    Noah has the same hat and outfit!!
    Sounds like an awesome weekend - minus ths painting haha I hate painting, although I bet it was exciting for them!!

  3. Looks like an awesome weekend! I wish we had a lake in our community! They are so nice. Audrey looks so grown up and cute with your purse!!


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