Wednesday, July 30, 2014

~Calgary Folk Music Festival 2014~

For Christmas, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law gifted the family tickets to the Calgary Folk Music Festival. What a great idea!! I had never been before but heard it was a lot of fun so I had been looking forward to this since Christmas.

It is a 4 day festival held at Prince's Island Park, we went on Saturday only. We had low expectations since we had both kids, although it's pretty family friendly which is awesome.

There are 6 stages throughout the island so there is plenty of room. The great thing about music is that you don't have to be up close to enjoy it- I actually prefer being farther away, even if I didn't have children with me.

We met the rest of the family down there at 10:30am, which is when the music started. It was great to have so many child-wranglers with us since it wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable if we were by ourselves.

We wandered around to different stages, staying at the ones that interested us. Audrey loved it! She was dancing away. She also loved the playground and bouncy castle so spent a lot of time there. She even got her face painted!

Listening to music in the covered stage

 Leo loving Auntie... and his toes

Since Audrey was off running with her beloved Auntie, Uncle and Grandparents, I was able to take some pictures of this little guy!

We hoped to stay until at least 3 or 4pm, depending on how the kids were doing. We were willing to skip/delay Audrey's nap so that we could enjoy more of the festival. She had such a blast playing on the playground with Auntie and Uncle and just running around.

She was so excited when cousin Linda came to join the party too!!

We couldn't have lucked out with better weather. It was a bit cool in the morning for me, since I'm always cold so I wore jeans and brought shorts to change into once it warmed up.

Both Audrey and Leo were still doing well at 4pm so we decided to stick around to have dinner and head over to the main stage. The food trucks were set up all day long so we had Mediterranean for lunch and Naachos (naan tacos) for dinner. So good! We also brought a lot of our own food so we had snacks throughout the day. We brought so much stuff we needed the stroller and the wagon but it was worth it considering how long we were down there for.

Hanging out listening to music

Leo had a few naps here and there but Audrey was having too much fun to miss a second. She started to fade around 7pm so we packed up and headed home. She fell asleep in the wagon on the way to the car!

Everyone had so much fun! Hopefully we can go in future years, although if definitely helps to have extra hands for the children.


  1. Looks like a fun time. I've only been to folk fest once, but my friends band was performing so I was backstage the whole evening and didn't get to take in the whole festival. Would love to check it out someday.

  2. Looks like you guys had fun! I've never been, but have heard good things from others too about it

  3. How cute that Miss Audrey was dancing! What a fun day! Leo is such a handsome little man!!

  4. Soo fun!! Love Leo's pants!! Where from?? His bib is super cute too!! Where is it from? That is a great gift idea!!

  5. I love Leo's outfit!!! Did you get your tee you won by the way? Looks like fun! I never realized it was so family friendly! I'll have to check it out!!


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