Tuesday, July 1, 2014

~Canada Day 2014~

We decided to check out the Canada Day festivities downtown at Fort Calgary. It promised of lots of fun for the kids- petting zoo, bouncy castle, food trucks, pancake breakfast if you arrived early enough...

When we arrived, we ran into hubby's brother, his wife and their little girl! How coincidental! The girls had a blast together and it worked out perfectly! 

A & L celebrating Canada Day

First we headed to the food trucks since we hadn't eaten much for breakfast and were too late for pancakes. We tried the naan tacos and they were pretty good! I'd definitely eat there again. We also had some fries from another truck which were just ok. 

The line ups for everything were insane so we didn't really do any of the activities we had hoped to do.

The Strathcona Mounted Troop came with their horses and were letting people pet them. Audrey wasn't afraid of them at all!! We had to hold her back since she was picking grass and trying to feed them! 

The horses were so beautiful and kind of made me miss my horses but then I remembered how much work (and money!) they are!

Getting right in there to feed & pet the horse

No fear!
We left close to lunch time since we didn't want to wait in any of the lines and my only request for Canada Day was ice cream. We stopped by Menchies on our way home and ate it in a small park.

Happy to have ice cream!
Leo's first Canada Day

Canadian cuties

It was a fun day! 


  1. Looks like you guys had fun! Where did you get your hat from? I love it!

  2. What an awesome day!! LOVE those sibling photos!!

  3. I wish horses weren't so expensive ... I really need to start playing the lottery, because I miss my horses too! I love the pictures of both kids :)

  4. Love that last pic of the kids!! Too cute!! Sounds like a fun day, although busy! Love Menchies!! M and I think there might be one in London, so we are gunna look into it and stop when we are there next haha! Soo good!!
    I love horses too, why do they have to be soo much?? Lol


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