Sunday, July 6, 2014

.:Leo: 5 Months:.

Eating: He still eats every 2-3 hours during the day. He's a pretty efficient eater and usually only feeds on one side, unless it's been awhile since he last ate. We haven't started solids yet and likely won't until he is 6 months. Hubby tried to give him a taste of watermelon and he wasn't interested at all. Fine by me!

Sleeping: Night time was going well until a week ago! I thought we were going to avoid the dreaded "4 month sleep regression" but it seems to have appeared just before he turned 5 months. I can't really complain because he is only waking once or twice to eat. He was sleeping straight from 7pm to 6am but for the last week has been waking around 11pm and/or 3:30am to eat. Maybe he is going through a growth spurt so I'm trying to not worry about it or do anything about it quite yet. He still comes into our bed around 6:30am for another hour or so. I really enjoy these cuddles so no plans to stop it any time.
Naps are starting to get more scheduled and in the crib. He will sleep on the go if we are out but it's usually only for short periods. I try to get him to nap in his crib in the morning before we head out and/or in the afternoon when we are home for Audrey's nap. Some days it's successful and other days he just naps in my arms. He rarely naps in his swing anymore.

Diapers: Leo has been wearing size 2  disposables for most of the last month. We have been battling diaper rashes for the last 2 months. I wasn't sure if the rashes were from the cloth diapers (ammonia, or detergent sensitivity) or fungal. We finally saw the doctor since it wasn't going away after a couple weeks despite my best efforts to try everything and she prescribed an anti-fungal cream. I had already tried Canesten without success but she thought it was yeast because it was in his creases. It didn't help either and I ended up having success with APNO left over from Audrey. The rash seems to come back when I put him in cloth diapers but that doesn't explain why it wouldn't go away after a couple weeks in disposables? It also comes back in disposables too. It's a mystery!

Weight/Size: Leo was measured at his vaccination appointment 2 weeks ago and was 12lbs, 2.5oz.  and 24.8 inches long, which means he only gained 1.5 oz and 0.8 inches in 6 weeks. We went to the Doctor to discuss his lack of weight gain and his diaper rashes. She said he appears to be healthy and the little weight gain is likely due to the 2 weeks of diarrhea he had at the beginning of June. We went back this week for a follow-up and he's now 12.43 lbs. He's gaining, but slowly. The doctor isn't too concerned but she's going to send in a referral to a pediatrician just in case he doesn't start gaining more weight. I'm trying to not worry since he seems healthy and is very happy so I'm sure it's nothing.

Leo is wearing mostly 3-6 month clothing. He is swimming in the pants/shorts though. Skinny boy problems!

Hair and eyes: Brown hair, what he has of it, and blue eyes, still. Maybe they will stay?

Leo's eczema comes and goes. It is currently quite bad and I wonder if it's because of the heat. It was under control with 2x daily application of Glaxal Base but now that barely seems to help it at all. We got a prescription this week for bad breakouts so hopefully there will be improvement. He is scratching it more so I'm sure it's uncomfortable for him.

Milestones: Leo enjoys tummy time, rolling occasionally and sitting up with help. He has been spending more time in the Bumbo since he doesn't like to be reclined all the time. He loves blowing bubbles. He sometimes plays with his feet but hasn't shown too much interest in them yet.

Teething: Leo sucks on his hands, fingers and pretty much anything as much as he can lately. He is drooling a lot more though so I'm sure he's teething, although that can be a long process. I can see the outlines of his 2 bottom teeth and his top left incisor.

Personality: He is generally a happy baby! He giggles so much and has started shrieking a bit. He has been a little more fussy this month, requiring more attention and bouncing to keep him happy but I think that's related to teething and his eczema.

Nicknames: Little Man, Munchkin, Mr. Leo, Lovey, Baby Brother, Buddy

Likes: Cuddling, eating, people talking to him, sitting in the toddler seat in the stroller, looking around, the Ergo (sometimes), raspberries on his belly, his playmat, blowing bubbles, his fists.

Dislikes: His car seat, dirty diapers, being hungry or cold, being tired, not being able to see anyone.

Mommy Update: I was feeling fantastic but I've started to have some knee pain when I workout. First, it was just when I ran but now it's even after T25 workouts. My IT bands seem tight so I'm going to continue rolling and making sure my form is good. I did get new running shoes also. The last couple of weeks I've only worked out a few times to try to rest my legs. I also still have soreness in my incision area if I push too hard.

I did my first 5K post-Leo on his 5 month birthday. My sis and I ran together but she hadn't trained much so we took it easy and didn't break any records. Probably a good thing considering my sore legs. I'd like to sign up for another 5K in the early fall- it would be nice to PR.

The dread "post partum hair loss" is still going on although it seems to have slowed down a bit. I miss my thick hair!

Big Sister: No major changes with Audrey. She is showing some interest in potty training which scares me because as hard as it is to diaper 2 babies, having to potty train will be even harder! I'm not going to rush it though and will wait until she seems more ready. Sometimes she will tell us she needs to go and other times it's too late. Hubby tried to take her out to run errands without a diaper on- she had a few accidents and he was pretty upset about it!

She continues to entertain us with her vocabulary. Even when she's having a tantrum I want to laugh because of the things she says. Also, everything is "Audrey's" or "mine." She has excellent manners- please, thank you, excuse me, sorry.

Misc: Leo celebrated his first Canada Day and Calgary Stampede!! Of course, he didn't get much out of it but the rest of us had fun!

Cutest Canadians
1st Stampede Breakfast
Leo also met his friend Noah (Ashely and Mike's little guy) for the first time- buddies since before they were born!

Leo, we are so blessed! You are such a good baby, even when you are having a rough day. We love you more with each day. If only the days would slow down!


  1. Love this update!! Can't believe the boys are 5 months (well almost for Noah!). Love all the pics! I am anxious to see what Noah weighs tomorrow! I think we are dealing with reflux with all this puking lately, they say it can start around 4 months... Noah didn't sleep well last night, just hoping it's the time change causing the issue. Hopefully Leo will work out his sleeping soon! Hopefully they figure out his rash soon and that it stays under control! I've been considering getting a pediatrician for N as well, then I might feel more confident in his doctors appointments. My hair loss has been worse now too! Such a pain! And my incision still gets sore too!

  2. Such a handsome boy. Darn 4 month sleep regression!!! WHY!! urg.


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