Sunday, July 13, 2014

~Stampede Road Race 5K Race Report & Audrey's First Race~

This was my first, and only, so far, race post Baby #2, which also happened to be Leo's 5 month birthday (July 6). It's been a tradition for the last 3 years for my sister and I to do this 5K race together. This year was extra special because it was Audrey's first race, 200m!

Thankfully this year the weather was a lot cooler than in previous years. I don't know how you people run in super hot weather for months- I guess we just aren't used to it here. It was overcast and about 16C when the race started, which is perfect.

We took a few pictures before the start and then went to line up.

I ran into a couple of my CHRR running buddies that were doing the 10K, while lining up to start. Man, I miss them!

Hubby & Audrey took a selfie while waiting for us to start!

And we're off!!

I was trying to give hubby my sunglasses since I clearly wasn't going to need them. He was more interested in taking bad photos of us!

The race itself was pretty uneventful. My sis hadn't trained much at all so we stuck together at a comfortable pace rather than pushing it. I really wanted to run faster but I'll admit it was nice to run leisurely rather than at near-puking speeds.

I had my Garmin set to 10 & 1s and we still took a few extra walk breaks in between. I tried to encourage my sis and told her a few stories to pass the time but she later told me she just wanted to smack me! Haha!

The 5K actually went by quite quickly- I guess because I didn't feel like I was dying! My sis kept telling me to go ahead but I didn't want to leave her.

Finally we were close to the track & the finish line. We could see our cheerleaders in the distance.

Audrey & Auntie L

On the track my sis told me to go ahead. Since there was only a couple hundred meters left I decided to go for it. I sprinted as fast as I could to the finish.

It wasn't a fast race- finished in 34 minutes but I didn't have any knee or leg pain that I had been experiencing a couple weeks leading up to the race so that's good!

Audrey was at the finish line to greet me!

 My sis finished about 30 seconds after me. So proud of her for doing so well, even without training!

We made it!
We went to get our pancake breakfast since we still had awhile before the kids race started. The pancakes were soooo good! Nothing like pancakes after a race!

Penny, my half marathon clinic instructor found me while I was in line and came over. It was nice to see her, even if briefly. I miss my running group!

I also saw Becky and Liam! Sounds like they had a great race and Liam was looking pretty cute in his race outfit! Love the bright shorts!

We enjoyed our pancakes, and smiles from Leo! He sure love his Uncle B!

Audrey wasn't interested in sitting still so she went off with Auntie L to burn off some energy and play in the long jump pit.

Finally it was time for Audrey to get ready for her race. She was practically swimming in her race shirt. Luckily Auntie L was there to cheer us on and take pictures with a real camera. Thanks Auntie! You are the best!
Getting her bib pinned 
Auntie L caught a smiling boy!
 The kids race had several heats with varying distances depending on the age. Audrey was in the 2nd heat, for the 1 & 2 year olds. We all met in the soccer field in the middle of the track about 15 minutes before the kids races were to begin. Audrey was impatient and just wanted to go run. She ran from the field onto the track, with hubby chasing after her! I think we have a future track star on our hands!

She was given a job, to hold the Heat number sign (which wasn't even her heat, she was in the 2nd heat!) and she took it quite seriously!

Goofing around while waiting

Finally it was time for Heat #2 to hit the track.

Audrey was pretty close to the front of the group. She only stopped a couple times, to pull up her shorts!!

Audrey saw Auntie L on the sidelines taking pictures and ran over to her. She wanted her to run too!

Crossing the finish line!
I managed to catch a picture of Liam. He was so adorable! He got a little distracted!

Love those bright orange shorts!
Audrey was so excited for her "shoe" medal! She kept showing it to everyone!

I am so incredibly proud of my little girl!! I know she loves to run, since I'm often running after her, but I wasn't too sure how she would feel about the crowd. She really got into it and had a blast! I'm sure this won't be the last race she does!

Watching her race was by far the highlight of the race for me!


  1. Audrey was SO cute!

    Haha love that you caught a picture of Liam. I think that was his rest break, he had to sit down for a second before crossing the finish line. It was good to see you there! We will have to come into Calgary again soon and let Liam and Audrey play together.

  2. Audrey is just too cute!!

    Well done on your 5K 34:00 is pretty good!!

  3. I love that you and your sister do this together every year - so special! And you had the cutest cheerleaders! Audrey looks like she had so much fun at her race. Future runner on your hands!!

  4. Aww she did soo well!! And she looks soo proud!! Love it!! Love the pic of her and J running together!! I also love that they do this for the little ones!!


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