Thursday, July 17, 2014

~Three + 1 Things Thursday~

1. It's been a quieter week around here due to Leo's cold so we have been laying low. Kind of nice after a busy few weeks but I was sad to miss a get together with the moms and babes from my midwife group. Hopefully there will be more opportunities.

2. I finally put the swing away :( Makes me sad because my both babies loved it but  Leo no longer naps in it and I wanted to make room for more things that will entertain him. Putting it away solidifies that the newborn period is over. Why does my baby have to grow so fast?

3. We have been spending lots of time in the backyard in the new sun shelter and pool since it has been sooooo hot here! Loving it, except at bed time when it's took hot in everyone's rooms to sleep. 

We went to a lake community last night for hubby's work. I don't know what I was thinking not brinin the sun shelter! It was over 30C at 5:30pm and the sun was out. Instead I had to be creative and used my umbrella to shade Leo on the beach. 

+1. Again, my pictures are blurry. They are fine on my phone. A quick google search suggests maybe it's a Blogger issue. You suck Blogger! I hate technology! I might have to start uploading my pictures to a hosting site, adding another step to blogging and therefore making it even harder for me to find the time. What does everyone else do? 


  1. It IS too hot at bedtime. I'm over the heat and wish it would hover around 23 degrees. That would be ideal for me!

  2. I use google plus to upload mine - do you use that? Glad you found a shelter! And I hope Leo is all better soon!!

  3. I meant to tell you last post that your pics do not look too bad to me. But I hate technical issues, and get so annoyed with them too.
    I am happy it is a tad cooler out now, I was not sleeping well at all.

  4. Hope Leo feels better soon!! Um can you please send our heat back? I think we have your weather... I don't even know how to use google plus? I need to figure it out! When I post my pics from my phone it makes them too big. I prefer posting from my iPad, but then I still have to resize everything the hard way... Annoying!

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