Thursday, July 24, 2014

~Three Things Thursday~

1. So my 5 days of solo-parenting turned into 6... someone missed his flight home! Let's just say I wasn't very impressed. Thankfully Wednesday is the day Audrey goes to the day home or else I probably wouldn't have survived. I still had to get her up and ready, along with Leo, to drop her off, which hubby usually does on his way to work. In the end it worked out. I didn't get everything done that I wanted to on my "day off" (like getting Leo's passport- hopefully he will have one in time for our trip in the fall) but I was able to meet a friend for lunch to celebrate her birthday and have a small break.

I'm so exhausted. Single parenting is tough. 

2. Confession: I haven't run since my race almost 3 weeks ago :/ I don't really have any motivation, especially with it being so hot, to get on the treadmill. Hopefully I can get outside for some evenings runs in the next few days. I'll probably run when we are up at the cabin in August too.

3. Leo had his first solids this week! We met with the pediatrician (he still hasn't gained much weight) and she recommended we start solids now, since he's only a few weeks away from 6 months (that can't be right?!). I had a sample of rice cereal on hand so that's what I gave him. He loved it! He wasn't sure what to do with it at first but then he wanted more! I had to make him a 2nd bowl! I'll make some purees for him this week and probably do some baby-led weaning like I did with Audrey also.

How are we at this stage?


  1. Glad that J finally made it home! Don't feel bad about not running....I barely ran for more than 3's tough to get back into, but definitely can be done. And Leo is such a cutie :) Is that a bib that I made?

  2. Single parents amaze me, they always have (my Mom was a single Mom with 3 kids) but even more so now that I have ONE kid!
    I agree with Leigh, do not feel bad about running. I think forcing it when you are not into makes it worse.
    Leo looks so big in that photo!

  3. We all go through up and downs with running. Don't even stress about it. When you feel ready, you will get back out there! Leo is such a handsome little man, and growing so fast!

  4. I'm glad you've been relieved of your single parenting duties! My mom was a single mom and I appreciate it now more than ever! I had to take 5 weeks of running in March and, while the beginning was tough, I'm now getting back to where I once was. Don't worry about it!

    Leo is sooo grown up!!!! That's awesome he loved the rice cereal :)

  5. How is he almost 6 months already?! He was JUST born!


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