Thursday, July 31, 2014

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Audrey got her first wasp sting yesterday! We noticed a wasp nest in the backyard and Hubby was researching how to remove it but the wasp got to Audrey first. Poor thing was so upset and it obviously hurt a lot! Thankfully she didn't have much of a reaction and was her happy self within 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure the neighbours thought something really bad happened based on her screaming! The nest came down that night!

2. This heat! I think this is the first year ever that we have considered getting AC. I'm sure by the time a company was available to install it it would be winter again! Usually we only get 5 days of hot weather a year, to the point where sleeping is uncomfortable, but this year we have have at least 15 days/nights that have been almost unbearable. Unfortunately Leo's room is the hottest in the house, and hottest right at bedtime so that's made things challenging.

Best way to beat the heat according to Audrey

3. Almost vacation time! We might have to rent a moving van for all the stuff we need to pack! Also, packing with children is a gong show. It's up there with cleaning with children. So I better get packing while they are sleeping now...

It's important to wear a lifejacket when riding a pony!

And how is it August tomorrow?


  1. I want to get in the pool with them!! Poor Audrey. :( I have no idea how it's August. Gah. :(

  2. I can't believe it's August either!! Poor Audrey-stings suck!! Love her bikini! I think we have swapped weather! Can I get mine back please!! Where are you guys going? Ontario is fun! Just sayin'

  3. It's been really hot in Edmonton too. I love summer but it's been so hot that I'm just about ready for fall, even if that DOES mean snow. We really need to invest in an air conditioner! Poor Audrey! Topher is terrified of bees and wasps - he's never been stung, but fear alone keeps him away from them!

  4. We have a window a/c unit in our bedroom and it saves us since we don't have central A/C either, and if it's hot in Calgary, imagine the heat we're dealing with ;) Multiple days of 35 - 40 C! We only really run our window a/c unit at night. You should get one for Leo's room!

  5. Aw I'm glad that little Lady A was okay! I became allergic in my teens to bee stings (It took 8 times for an allergic reaction!) If you have a second why don't you email me? I wanted to talk to you about something fun! or on twitter @MrsMillersMiles


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