Sunday, August 31, 2014

Family Weekend 2014: Fernie

We were home for 4 days from our trip to Wasa, BC and then we turned around and headed to Fernie, BC, which is only about an hour from Wasa! We were doing our annual weekend trip with hubby's immediate family and his grandma. 

This time we road tripped with both kids. It was a bit more difficult than the last trip but actually the kids were quite well behaved! We had to stop more for hubby than we did for the kids! 

Audrey had no interest in napping on the 3.5 hour drive so good thing we brought the iPad to keep her occupied when she got antsy. 

Unfortunately the weather was not the nicest that weekend. It was cool and rainy. We did manage to go to Surveyor's Lake a short drive away for a hike and picnic. Again the weather was not cooperative and we got rained on during our picnic. Looking back it was quite funny but I wasn't too impressed with our lack of organization and then getting caught in the rain. There also may have been an incident with a pine beetle that had me screaming and running away. 

While the kids napped, I went into town with my in-laws. We did some window shopping and stopped for gelato at the most delicious chocolate and coffee shop ever! I wish it was local so I could go every day!! 

On Sunday, it was pretty nice outside so we took advantage of the pool. Well I didn't, since someone had to pack up. Leo and Audrey loved it. They alternated between the big pool and the hot tub since it was a bit chilly out for an outdoor pool. 

Hanging out with Great-Grandma

We then headed back home. It was a great family weekend! We are lucky to have such a great family that we WANT to spend time with them!


  1. Love all the pictures, looks like soo much fun, despite the crummy weather!!

  2. Sorry to hear the weather was crappy! It still looked like you had a great time! :)

  3. Too bad about the weather but still sounds like a great time!! Love the pool shots!


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