Friday, August 22, 2014

~Five for Friday~

And look at that, August is almost over!

1. It's been a busy month! We were on vacation in BC for most of it and are just now settling back into our routine. Hopefully I can get some recaps done soon. Finding the time to get on the computer is getting harder and harder.

Wasa Lake

2. We went from researching air conditioning last week to turning on the heat this morning because the house dipped down to 19C. This is why few people here have AC, we usually don't need it. We will be definitely getting it in Leo's room next year because it gets too hot in there there and impossible to cool down for bedtime.

3. Another impossible thing to do is signing these kids up for swimming lessons! I researched the sessions I wanted to put them in, with a couple back-up times and I still didn't get Audrey registered before the classes filled up! Poor kid is never going to have swimming lessons. I even woke up before the kids were awake to get on the computer before registration opened, downloaded a new browser because safari wasn't supported (did that the night before) and I still didn't make it on time. Two minutes was all it took for them to fill up! I guess I will try again in January.

Swimming in Fernie

4. Leo's baptism is this Sunday. I've been busy prepping for it. I'm not going too crazy, just having about 20 people over for a late lunch afterwards. Hopefully both children will cooperate since they will be missing naps.

5. I tried Jamberry nails wraps for the first time. They are super easy and I got so many compliments on them.

Gold Stripes

So far I have just done my ring fingers. I need to work on the application technique a bit since they did start to lift after a few days but I'm sure with practice they will last much longer. I love the look and it was so hard to narrow down to just 4 designs.

Splitting an order with a friend (thanks Alison) is a great way to try a bunch of designs without costing too much money.


  1. Look at that view!!! Soo pretty! I'm pretty sure I could vacay there no problem! Why can't we have amazing views here!? Ugh!!
    That is crazy about swimming lessons, I am thinking of signing up Noah for the pool introduction class! I need to look into it!
    I want to try jam berry nails, everyone keeps posting cute pics of the designs and as much as I don't do my nails anymore, it would be nice to have something I could spice up my fingers with haha.
    I need to start thinking about Noah's baptism! I'm stuck with the whole godparents thing and then which religion... When to do it... Etc haha. Slacker right here!

  2. I think my comment got eaten. I just said your nails look great and that I also want AC!

  3. Wow that is insane about swimming lessons. I used to be a swim instructor and they never used to fill up that quickly!

    Your nails look great, I really want to try Jamberry nails!


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