Wednesday, August 6, 2014

.:Leo: 6 Months:.

Eating: This has been the biggest change this past month, along with sleep. Leo went from sleeping through the night, to waking every 2-3 hours to eat. He used to go 11 hours without eating overnight but something changed and he needed to eat all the time. While it's been frustrating to suddenly have interrupted sleep, it was all for a good reason, which I will explain below.

Leo also started solids just before he turned 6 months. The pediatrician recommended that we get started on solids since he was so close to 6 months. He loves it! He gets so excited to sit in his high chair. He makes "mmm mmm mmm" sounds when he wants more food. He's had purees and chunks of food. We are doing a combo of purees and baby led weaning. He's eating meat, vegetables and fruit. He tried rice cereal but I'd rather he eat actual food and it was just constipating him so he only had it a few times.

So far he's had: butternut squash, avocado, beef, chicken, pork, pear, and watermelon.

He's still nursing every 2-3 hours a day. He's also started biting me, which is not nice! Usually it's a sign he is done eating. It's pretty annoying and hurts!

Sleeping: As I mentioned above, sleep changed a lot this month, and not for the good, at least not at night time. He started waking more frequently to the point where he now wakes up every 2-3 hours to eat. It's exhausting for me but he needed to eat so I haven't made any changes, yet. He's still going to sleep around 7pm and up for the day between 6:30-7:15am, but waking anywhere from 2-5x in between.

Naps are more scheduled and in the crib, unless we are out. He naps 3x a day. He's usually awake for 2-2.5 hours before needing a nap, and often a bit longer between his last nap and bedtime. Sometimes it's hard because he will be ready for bed and I'm either making dinner and eating.

Diapers: Size 2 pampers swaddles although he is mostly in cloth diapers right now, except for when we were on vacation. I'm trying a new detergent that should help with the previous issues we had and I've also sanitized them, stripped them and even bleached the inserts. They are clean!

Weight/Size: We went to see the pediatrician at the end of July and Leo was only 12lbs, 5oz, so gaining very slowly. His length and head measurements were fine but they were concerned that he was barely gaining weight and down to the 0.3 percentile. The pediatrician couldn't find anything wrong with him so she referred us to a lactation consultation doctor since she suspected it was an intake issue, possibly meaning I had low milk supply. In the meantime, she suggested I start him on solids, and feed him both sides every time I fed him.
We went to the lactation consultant doctor a week later and he had gained 10 oz!! He was now 12lbs, 15oz! I was pretty happy and felt he was getting closer to back on track but the LC felt differently. She watched me feed for a minute and said he's working really hard to get the milk so she suggested I take Domperidone (a drug to increase milk supply), pump 3x a day after feedings, and supplement Leo with 8-12oz of pumped/frozen milk a day, on top of feeding solids. I felt pretty defeated and wasn't sure if I was going to take the drugs at first but decided it wouldn't hurt (the side effects are pretty minimal). Funny enough, Leo started refusing the bottle at this point. At first we just thought it was because he was full from nursing but then he did it when my ILs were watching him for a few hours and he was clearly hungry. He's since refused it a couple more times. I'm not sure why but hopefully it's a short lived phase since he won't have the option next month when I have my wisdom teeth removed and I can't feed him for 24 hours.
I should also note that I only pumped for a couple days. We went on vacation and unless I stayed in my room the entire time it was an unrealistic expectation for me to pump even once a day. Add to the fact that he was refusing the bottle and I could tell my supply was up, I decided I didn't need to at that point.
We went back to the pediatrician on August 13 (so just over 6 months) and he gained 19 ounces since the LC appointment!! He is now 14lbs 1oz!! Little piggy!! We knew he gained weight because he felt so much heavier and his legs & arms had more rolls on them. He is back up at the 3rd percentile so the pediatrician doesn't need to see him anymore. He is 26 inches long which is the 15-25th percentile.

Leo is wearing mostly 3-6 month and 6 month clothing.

Hair and eyes: Brown hair, what he has of it, and blue eyes.

Leo's eczema is getting better. It seems to be worse when it's hot out. He's now wearing a hazel wood necklace which is supposed to help it. Still using the Glaxal Base 2x a day and the prescription cream when needed.

I keep forgetting to mention, Leo has a little birth mark on his left inside forearm. It's red and looked like a scratch at first but it's gotten a bit bigger overtime. The doctor confirmed it's a birth mark.

Milestones: Leo likes rolling, playing with and eating his toes, he's started mimicking others, blowing bubbles, babbling and screeching all the time.

While he isn't crawling yet, he loves to "inch worm" on his back. He digs his heels into the ground and scootches himself upwards. He usually runs into things which frustrates him.

Rolling progression

Teething: Sure enough, Leo cut two teeth this month! They arrived within days of each other. He was pretty grumpy just before the cut but overall they didn't bother him too much. He sure was frantically sticking everything he possibly could into his mouth just before they came through.

This is how he feels about teething

Personality: Happy boy! Cutting teeth made him a bit fussier but overall he's so content and relaxed. Everyone comments on how quiet and happy he is.

Nicknames: Little Man, Munchkin, Mr. Leo, Lovey, Baby Brother, Buddy, Goofball

Likes: Eating solids, people talking to him, sitting in the high chair at the table, splashing in the water, the Ergo, jumperoo, being tickled and playing peek-a-boo.

Dislikes: dirty diapers, teething, being alone, sleeping, the pack'n play

Mommy Update: This was definitely a tough month. I felt we had a good routine going on but with Leo's lack of weight gain, that really changed things. Even though the doctor told me it wasn't my fault, I felt horrible that my milk supply seemed to drop and questioned everything that I did that could have caused it. I've stopped working out- partially because I thought maybe it contributed to low milk supply and also because I've had all sorts of back, knee and quad pain. I tried running while on vacation and I just ended up being in pain so I think I need to take a break to get my body fixed up and Leo gaining weight before I start up again. I do miss it but I don't miss trying to fit it in each day because that was becoming challenging.

The domperidone makes me hungry all the time, which is probably a good thing. I just need to choose healthy things ;)

Big Sister: Audrey continues to be the sweetest big sister. She is so proud of her little brother and gets a bit protective of him too. I just love seeing their relationship grow even at such young ages. I hope they continue to love each as they grow older.

Audrey loves mommy-ing her dolls. Whatever we do with Leo, she does with Dolly or Susie. If we feed Leo solids, she needs to put Dolly in the high chair and feed him. If we change Leo's diaper, she needs to change Susie's diaper. She takes one or both of them everywhere.

Misc: Leo enjoyed his first trip to Wasa Lake, BC. He was excellent on the long road trip. He loved splashing his feet in the water and watching all the other kids run around. He didn't like sleeping in the pack'n play so that was a bit of a struggle but despite that he was still pretty happy most of the time.

Leo, you amaze us each day! Our love for you grows more each day, which I didn't think was possible. We love watching you grow. 


  1. Aww, sorry to hear about the struggles this past month! But it sounds like everything is getting back on track. Leo is so cute and looks great! Avery is such a slow gainer and now its even slower that she does not stop moving. I love the pics of Leo and Audrey :)

  2. 6 months already?! Time is flying by. Love all of the pictures...especially the one of you and Leo. Glad to hear that he had gained some weight :)

  3. 6 months?!! NOOO! I am so glad this month turned out well, sounded rough at times. But good for you, he is doing so awesome. SO freakin cute! That grin! And those teeth. Still none over here! ha ha. LOVE those photos of the two of them. Adorable.

  4. Wait, how is he six months already? That sucks to hear about the struggles lately but sounds like you guys are getting back to normal again. You have such a beautiful boy. I love the picture of you holding him. And Audrey! She looks like she's 5 in those pictures!

  5. What a cutie! Love the bath photo!!!

  6. I too ended up on domperiidone. Glad things are better. What a beautiful family!

  7. Soo clearly I missed this post!! Hopefully I can remember everything I wanted to comment on... Here comes your chapter book haha!!
    I still can't believe the boys are 6 months!! Soo crazy to me!! I can't believe how much Leo looks like he has changed and that he has not 1 but 2 teeth!! I'm pretty sure Noah is working on some, as he has been a bit cranky this week!
    Ugh I soo feel your pain about feeling like you were doing something wrong. I always felt soo discouraged when Noah didn't gain weight! Soo glad they are both on the right track now!
    Love the pictures!! Can't wait to hear about your holidays!!
    After our trip it took pumping a few times to get myself back to pumping a half decent amount. I found if I exercise too much my supply would decrease.
    Love the pics of the kiddos together too!!


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