Friday, August 29, 2014

~Leo's Baptism~

We had Leo's baptism last weekend. It was a nice family event to celebrate this little man. 

I just did a few decorations- tissue poufs and a banner, plus some decorative napkins and straws. Nice and simple! 

I also made the cupcakes. So delicious!! I just used a vanilla recipe from a cupcake recipe book I have, with a decadent buttercream icing. I love them and apparently so did everyone else since there were only a few left.

Leo was so well-behaved and happy at the church. He was content to be passed around during Mass. 

The little girls were a little harder to occupy and keep quiet but I think they did a good job considering they are two! They had a few Auntie and Uncles to keep them entertained. 

Waiting for the Baptism to start- parents and Godparents

Cousin L was getting tired of being quiet and sitting still!

Listening to the Priest explain Baptism

Being Blessed

Being Anointed

Baptism- Audrey insisted on being involved as well

He didn't even make a sound when the Priest poured half the pitcher of water on his head!

Photo with the Priest

Priest laughing at how short he is amongst us!

Leo and his Godparents/Auntie and Uncle

My family

Hubby's family

With Audrey's Godfather and our Goddaughter

Lunch at our house afterwards- I think the girls enjoyed the cupcakes!

Leo being showered with love and attention

Cute boy!

Grandma love

Hanging out with Mom

I also took a few pictures of Leo in his cute suit. Gosh, he's adorable!!


  1. What a great day! Leo looks so cute in his little outfit :)

  2. Love your dress!! Where from? Leo is adorable!! Congrats little man!! He looks soo spiffy!! Glad it all came together with ease!! Those cupcakes look yummy~!

  3. Leo is too cute for words!

    Love the hat!

  4. Such a cutie! Looks you had a wonderful day for it :)

  5. Awww, he's such a cutie! I love all the photos! :)

  6. What a special day!! Ok his hat is sooooo cute!! Such great family photos.


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