Monday, September 29, 2014

~Current Thoughts~

~ I think Audrey has some allergies. Lately, every time she eats raw strawberries or pineapple, she breaks out in a rash around her mouth. She loves them though :( Her eyes were also puffy later on but I'm also suspecting seasonal allergies since she got the sniffles, and runny nose after spending a good part of the day outside at the Zoo, around trees. Hubby also suffers from seasonal allergies. I guess we will have to talk to the Doctor about allergy testing.

~ It is with great sadness that we have made the decision to find a new home for Milo, our cat. Hubby's asthma is getting worse and both kids are showing signs of being allergic to Milo so it's time.  I feel horrible since he is a part of our family but I can't let the rest of my family suffer any longer. It's been difficult finding a home for him- a couple leads fell through so we will be returning him to the rescue foundation that we originally got him from when he was a kitten. My heart hurts but it's the only choice we have.

~ We went to the butterfly conservatory at the Zoo on the weekend. There were lots flying around- they are so beautiful to watch, although I admit they do scare me when they fly right past my head!
Audrey was in awe of them.

~ We went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday, like we often do on the weekend to shop. However, it was absolutely packed! You could barely find parking in the large lot and cars were parked on both sides of the road. Turns out there was an Etsy event going on- a bunch of Etsy shops set up booths. It was pretty neat. Lots of nice things and both hubby and I found some goodies.

~ Leo and I had a date on Saturday. We just hit up the health food store, Chapters and Starbucks. He's the perfect little shopping company!

~ My mouth is healing well from the surgery. I'm slowly starting to eat more solid foods. My lovely brother-in-law and sister-in-law came over on Friday night and brought take out and a smoothie for me! They are so awesome! Audrey loved playing with Auntie and Uncle. We always enjoy their visits and of course, their help!

~ I did another Jamberry nails set. This time I painted my nails first and then applied a couple clear chevron wraps over a couple nails. I love how it looks! It's only been a couple days so I'm not sure how it will last in comparison to just over my nail but so far they are holding up. I received the new fall catalogue and I want to try so many of them!

~ I bought a parenting book called 1-2-3 Magic

Audrey has been testing us lately, especially with her bed time routine, so we are looking for new ways to address her behaviour. This book was recommended to me by a few friends so hopefully it will be helpful.


  1. Aww, I'm sorry to hear about Milo - but its understandable. #1 reason we don't have a cat is because of allergies - our best buddy/Max's godfather is severely allergic and wouldn't be able to come over anymore - we are waiting for Max to be old enough for a dog - the boy loves his animals!

    Omg, Leo's facial expressions are too cute

  2. So sad to hear about Milo, but you have done the best you could with him! He will find a good home soon enough!
    Love those nails wraps!
    I think we are gunna make the trek to the st. Jacobs farmers market, it's awesome, and I haven't been in years! The etsy sale sounds fun!
    I also need to find a dress for Noah's baptism.
    Look at Leo in that sweet little cardi! Adorable!!
    Glad you are feeling better!!

  3. Skye used to get a rash around her mouth too when she ate too much pineapple. So now I monitor how much she eats and not too many days in a row. She loves it though.
    Too bad about your kitty :-( I wonder if my kids will be allergic like their dad as well.
    Haha - I have a similar parenting book that my mom gave me. I should really crack it open. These last too weeks with Skye home from day home with a cold has been a very trying time...

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  5. That sucks that you have to give Leo up :( That Etsy event at the market sounds fun! Wish I would have been in town for it

  6. WHY is my comment not here. I swear my comments dissapear all the time when i post from my phone!! :( SO Sad about Milo - I laughed at Leigh's comment - I hope you aren't giving Leo up!! ha ha I know he will be loved in his new home. But still so hard. I saw that Etsy thing and then forgot about it!! Shoot. What did you get? That photo of the 2 of them is so xute!!

  7. I'm so sorry about kitty cat! I can't imagine how hard it would be to give up such a loving pet. XOXO when the time comes.

  8. So sorry about Milo! That must be so hard, but the right decision for your family. I love the picture of Leo in the beanie. He little smile is so cute!!

  9. I'm going to have to keep that book in mind for Liam. I'm definitely having trouble with discipline myself. It's hard being on my own and not having the time I wish I could have.

    Sorry to hear you have to give up your kitty. So hard to give up a pet.

  10. Sending you love as you say bye to Milo - I can only imagine how hard it is for you. On a happy note though, I absolutely LOVE your nails - those are beautiful. Do you find the ESSIE brand to last? Nail painting this weekend (I hope).


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