Wednesday, September 3, 2014

~Things I Love Wednesday~

1. Jamberry Nails!! I've done 3 different sets now and I'm loving the look. I'm still trying to get the application perfected but I think 3rd time is the charm and they will last more than 5 days.

I haven't done a full set yet. I'm kind of liking the one or two accent nail look. Once I get the application down I will try a full set.

2. This might gross some people out but whatever! I'm loving my new BumGenius diaper sprayer and spray pal! I don't know how I managed with cloth diapering before it! Once babies start solids, cloth diapering gets a bit yucky, so this makes it much more pleasant, as pleasant as diaper changing can be.

3. I'm loving that I can drink Angry Orchard whenever I want now. Yum!!

4. I'm loving these two so much!! Leo is now sitting on his own. He just loves his big sister and their bond is so precious!

Of course, I'm also loving the man that made these cuties possible! Without him I would be one lost mess. 

5. I'm loving this hat!! I am sad that it won't be quite season appropriate soon. Or is it? Please tell me it is! Maybe I'll just wear it in Phoenix.

6. I'm loving this special time that I can spend all my time with my kids. I am so lucky to have this opportunity and I try not to take it for granted. The hard days are still amazing and I seriously wouldn't trade it for the world. 

What are you currently loving?


  1. Your nails look great! Were they expensive to buy/ship?

  2. I love those nails! The polka dots are so fun, and I absolutely love the orange and gold. Your family is gorgeous, and it is so special that you can spend so much time together. I can't believe how big Leo is getting!

  3. LOVE your nails!! I need to do them again, I just did the dots with the pink you gave me and my Mom did the florals with the same pink. Mine lasted over 2 weeks, Mom less. I love your coral and gold. I still need to find and try that cider. It's a fall drink too yes? I love your hat. Looks great on you.

  4. I was just invited to a jam berry party and I'm excited!! Love those gold stripes, and flowers, and soo many more! Not sure I will do my finger nails, as I don't have much, but my toe nails will be done and I love accent nails!! Ahhh... Excited!! I haven't found that cider yet! But I have found Somersby! Mmhmm.
    Look at those kiddos playing together!! Soo cute!!
    Love your hat! I always forget about mine! I got Noah one too, I should see if it fits his big melon! Haha


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