Thursday, September 11, 2014

~Three Things Thursday~

1. In case you haven't heard, it snowed here this week, actually 3 days in a row! Shocking, I know!

Fallen over hollyhocks

Patio Party anyone?
And this wasn't even the most snow we got!

They say it's going to get nice by the weekend (20C) but I'm starting to not believe it. I think winter arrived and won't be leaving until May 2015. Just being realistic.

2. Since our days of spending all our time outside and at the Zoo are numbered, or expired, I found some indoor activities for us to take part in this winter. We signed up for Mother Goose at the library once a week starting tomorrow. We had such a good time with cousin L last week that we found a program closer to us. So excited!

I also signed up for a Momstown Program Pass. I looked at it soon after Leo was born but I wasn't sure if I could bring both kids to some of the events (some are geared towards babies, others towards toddlers) but I've been reassured that I can bring both to most events. We went to our first event today- Baby: Sensory and Songs. It was lots of fun and Audrey had a blast!

3. The Good Wife- my latest netflix addiction. Thanks Ashley for telling me about it. I now get nothing done in the evenings, except maybe some laundry while I watch the show. It's so good!!
I'm only on the first season so I need to stay off the internet so I don't read any spoilers! I did that with Downton Abbey by accident.


  1. Yuck to that snow!!!
    We are going to start doing a library program as well when it starts up here in the village! I also found another program Monday Mornings here, but it's not very busy! I tried it Monday! I'm thinking I might have to try a baby power or parachute play class in town.
    The Good wife is sooo good!! I'm still watching it! I'm going to start pvring the new season that starts up soon, but there is a season missing on netflix! Slackers!
    Try parenthood too!! Soo good! You are welcome haha

  2. Stupid snow! So glad it's almost gone now. I've never watched that show. Good?

  3. So glad all the snow is gone!! I need to look into Momstown. I need to find us something on my days off. I heard that show is good, I just can't get into something else right now!!


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