Monday, September 8, 2014

~Week & Weekend Recap~

This weekend has felt extra long because hubby has been home all week. He's sick, so we haven't been doing too many crazy, fun things (or at least not with him) but it's been nice to have him home more.

On Wednesday, I had my weekly meet up with my friend and her baby, C, who is 3 days older (and several pounds heavier) than Leo. Since the weather wasn't very nice, we decided to check out Chinook. I'll never say no to shopping! I rarely get down to Chinook anymore so it's nice to have a change of scenery once and awhile.

We did some shopping, had some lunch, the babies napped and we chatted the whole time. We never run out of anything to talk about!

Either he is a shoe thief or master massager
Ladies man already

On Thursday, we met my sister-in-law and niece downtown for Mother Goose. They have been going to this program for the last year and finally our schedules worked out so we could join them. We drove to their condo (hit horrible traffic and road closure due to water main break) and then we took the LRT downtown. Audrey was in her element since she loves trains and has been begging to go on one! She thought it was pretty neat!

The program was lots of fun- all the kids enjoyed it. I ended up signing Audrey and Leo up for a Mother Goose program that starts this week at a library closer to us. I hope they enjoy it just as much!

On Friday, we met up with two fun girls, Alison and Delainey, for a date to the market for coffee. It was so nice to go for a walk, catch up and let the kiddos hang out. 

Why can't we do this every Friday?  Minus being groped by an old lady. Seriously, it happened. Although she did think we looked like twins, so to me that's a huge compliment and I'll take it.

Saturday we went to Chestermere to go boating with some of hubby's coworkers. It looked like one of the last nice days of the summer so we figured we should take advantage. We went for a couple hours and the kids had a blast. Audrey even drove the boat!

Leo enjoying the boat ride


Our drive

Look at that concentration!
Leo eating a carrot and just being cute!
An update on the potty training- it's going fairly well but she has had a few accidents here and there. It's mostly when we are at home and she is distracted. We can remind her a million times to "let us know if you need to go potty" and then she will have an accident. We just need to keep being consistent and not stress when she does have a relapse. So far nights and naps are still ok. We just have to remember it's only been a week since we started potty training so accidents are expected.

On Sunday, hubby went to pick up a new-to-us dining room set. We have been in desperate need for a bigger table forever but couldn't find anything that met our specifications, without spending $3500. We were about to go to Costco this weekend to pick up a dining set we saw there, it wasn't perfect but it would have worked, when some university friends posted that they were selling their Urban Barn set. Perfect!! It's in great condition and pretty much exactly what we wanted! I'm so happy!!

Old table

Way too small
 New table
I listed our old set on Kijiji and within a couple hours it was picked up. Excellent!

Our house was finally painted this weekend! The weather wasn't really cooperating last week so they didn't get started until Friday afternoon.

Before picture- not the best shot since it's a picture of the front landscaping, not the house but you can see colour of the garage door, cedar shakes and the trim. Green, faded and peeling.

The first colour for the garage and front cedar shakes was not good. Way too bright!! We wanted a subtle blue, not sky blue! Back to the drawing board and with a tight deadline so they could order the paint in time.

It took them 3 days (probably 18 hours) to do it all. We have some super high parts to the house so I'm glad someone else was up there painting and not me or hubby!!

Overall it looks good. Much fresher.

Freshly painted
Glad to have this project out of the way!

So that about sums up our last week/weekend. It also appears that was our last weekend of the summer since snow arrived today. Yup, I'm not kidding.

 Even Audrey was confused as to what to wear- sunhat? Leg warmers?

Happy September! We go right from summer, 26C yesterday, to winter, 0C today. 


  1. I still can't believe you have snow!! Haha - I know I am a jerk for laughing at you! The house does look good!!
    Love Leo's pants in that pic with Delainey! Where are those ones from? He is just a little trend setter and a ladies man haha. Sounds like you had a fun week, hopefully your hubby is on the mend!!
    Love urban barn and that table is really nice!! Good steal!! I need new dining room chairs badly! And new great room furniture, but the roof comes first!

  2. What is the Mother Goose program? And sounds like a fun date with Alison and Delainey :) What the heck did the old lady do?!

  3. The house looks great! I am with Leigh, what did this old lady do? Lol.
    Hope your hubby is feeling better.
    Love the pic of Audrey!

  4. I can't get over all your beautiful sunshiney pictures and then SNOW! That is crazy!!! Glad you guys had a good weekend though. love the new table!

  5. ha ha the Friday/Tuesday lady!!! Totally forgot to mention that!!
    LOVE the house, looks great! Way better. And that table is beautiful! Our is 2nd hand too from a friend and we love it.
    A boat day is the best!!
    When is the mother goose program, I was thinking I needed to get us in a program on my days off.
    Hope hubby is feeling better!!


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