Monday, October 27, 2014

~Halloween Bash & Weekend Recap~

I hosted a children's Halloween Party on Friday. We will be in Phoenix during Halloween and I wanted an excuse to dress the kids up!

Audrey went as Dorothy and Leo went as a lion. I had grand plans of dressing up as Glinda to round out the Wizard of Oz theme but I didn't have time to wrestle into my gown and I wasn't sure how well I could nurse in it so I opted to be a witch.

"The Lion" and "The Witch"
Thanks for the picture Alison!

A small group of mom friends and babies & toddlers came. It was so adorable to see all the kids dressed up and almost all the moms dressed up too! I didn't get too many pictures as it was a bit chaotic with all the kids running around.

Madalyn the "Fairy Godmother Kitty"
& Audrey as "Dorothy"- friends before birth!
Iris the "Panda"

Alison the "Black Belt" & Delainey as "Tigger"

"Strawberry Shortcake" & Audrey

C the "Strawberry", the Lion and Dorothy

It was lots of fun, despite my Pinterest fails and making wayyyy too much food. I always think I'm feeding an army. I've been on a sugar high the entire weekend!

Saturday was another jam packed day! Our best friends, whom we haven't seen in ages (June?) came over for brunch. It was so nice to see them again and we promised to not go that long between visits again. We managed to have a nice visit, despite Leo being grumpy. He cut another tooth and just was out of sorts.

Audrey aka "Dorothy" helping Daddy make brunch

After they left, we walked over to the Farmers Market for coffee. They were also putting on some Halloween activities for the kids so Audrey participated in a few. She insisted on wearing her Halloween costume all morning!

She loved the Pumpkin Bowling! Or gourds as Audrey called them!

In the afternoon, we went to a cousin's 2nd birthday party! There were lots of kids and it was total chaos but fun! Audrey had a blast!

Three girls sitting on Grandma/Auntie's lap

On Sunday morning, we went to the Running Room for our first Sunday group run in a long time! Leo's first time running with us! I completely forgot how to dress for 3C but I managed to dress appropriately and not freeze or overheat. It was a good 7K. My knee didn't hurt but it felt twinge-y so I'll have to keep an eye on it. Leo fell asleep and Audrey played happily on the iPad so it was a good experience for everyone! It was definitely harder for hubby to push 2 kids vs just Audrey but he did pretty good!

Playing before hitting the pathways
The rest of the day I did laundry and packed since we are leaving in a couple days for Phoenix. I'm not sure how we are going to stay within the weight limit because I can't seem to pack lightly!


  1. Ah the kids are so cute in their costumes! Looks like they had fun :)

  2. Such an awesome weekend! Thanks again for the party! You did have a ton of food!! :) The market looked fun. I always miss these events there!!

  3. Aww love the party pics and your costumes! I have been looking for something here to take Avery too but everything is at night :( So we will just do trick or treating I guess.
    Have a fun holiday! Perfect timing now that it is cooling down.

  4. Love the costumes!! Soo cute!! I love that movie!! Your snacks looked pretty yummy!! I'm soo jealous you could have a party!! Haha! Poor Noah's first Halloween won't be too exciting!! Good thing he won't remember it!! Love the "gourd" bowling! Such a cute idea!! Glad you had a great and festive weekend before heading south!! Send some heat my way please!!

  5. I love that you had a dress up party :) We don't do much for Halloween in our house ... we carve a jack o'lantern and take the kids trick-or-treating with some friends and that's about it. I love Audrey's costume!

  6. Ah! How fun! The kids are all so cute dressed up!

    You should do a post on how to dress for running in various temps because I want to continue to run this winter but have NO idea what to buy to wear.

  7. Your halloween bash looks so fun! All the kids are adorable. My friend dressed her new baby in that same strawberry costume - sooo cute! And I love Audrey's little red shoes!!


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