Friday, October 31, 2014

~Halloween in Hot Phoenix~

Once again, we are in Phoenix for Halloween. We spent Audrey's first Halloween here and now Leo's first Halloween.

We dressed up the kids in their costumes and headed to the neighbours, before dinner. Grandma had dropped off some candy ahead of time (a 55+ community isn't usually prepared for trick or treaters) so they got to experience a small taste of Trick or Treating.

Pretty much impossible to get a good shot of either of them! Poor Leo was sweltering in his fleece costume- more appropriate for a Canadian Halloween than an Arizona one.

The neighbours were so excited to see the kids all dressed up. We prepped Audrey to say "Trick or Treat" but of course she was too shy when we knocked on the doors.

While I am not complaining at all about the hot weather and how lucky we are to be here right now, I do miss what Halloween and Trick or Treating would have been like at home. Audrey had so much fun last year (I missed it because I had prenatal yoga that night) and I think she would have had a blast this year, in our neighbourhood, with all the other kids dressed up also. Next year...

I'm also missing the leftover Halloween candy.

I am not missing the snow back home! :)


  1. How fun!! Sorry Leo roasted though!! ha ha They looked cute as ever though!! Enjoy that heat!!

  2. Jealous of your heat!! Neat that both thier first halloweens were there though!! A little accidental tradition!! Love the pictures and A's pout!! Too cute!! We only went 3 places and got a fair amount of candy!!


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