Monday, October 6, 2014

.:Leo: 8 Months:.

Eating: Leo is still loving solids, eating 2-3 meals a day. He is still having a combination of purees and chunks of food.

New foods this month:
- Quinoa- enjoyed it!
- Smoothie- I shared some of mine with him and he devoured it!
- Peanut butter- just a bit in the smoothie and no reactions so that's good!
- Chickpeas
- Lemons- loves them! Makes the cutest little sour face but comes back for more!

He's still nursing every 2-3 hours a day. I'm trying to get him to feed more during the day, to reduce how much he eats at night.

Sleeping: Dare I say we've made some progress in the sleep department! I had to wait for him to get over his cold and then I had my wisdom teeth surgery but in the last week he has been sleeping much better. I did Sleep Easy to wean the night feedings slowly and it seems to be working. The last 2 nights he slept from 11pm (when I did a dream feed) to 6am. Huge progress considering he was up every 2-3 hours for the last few months. I'm not feeding him when he wakes, either just giving him a soother or comforting him without picking him up and he's going back to sleep without a problem.

Leo is such a good napper. Naps are more scheduled and in the crib, unless we are out. He naps 2-3x a day, depending on how long the naps are. He's usually awake for 2-2.5 hours before needing a nap, and often a bit longer between his last nap and bedtime. He will likely be dropping down to just 2 naps a day fairly soon.

Diapers: Size 2 Pampers Swaddlers for disposables at night, but mostly in cloth diapers. He will be moving up to the next size when this box is finished because we use them so infrequently.

Weight/Size: Leo hasn't been weighed in a couple months but he is definitely heavier and longer. I'll update once he gets weighed this month.

**Update: I weighed him at a local baby store a few days ago and he was 16lbs 13oz, with clothes and diaper on.

Leo is wearing some 3-6 month and mostly 6-12 month clothing. He wears size 3 infant shoes.

Hair and eyes: Brown hair, what he has of it, and blue eyes. His eyes don't seem to be changing too much, if at all but I'm holding my breath that they will stay blue because I know they can change up until 18m.

Leo's eczema hasn't improved much. The Naturopath recommended I cut out dairy and gluten. I'm far stricter with the dairy than with the gluten. I've also switched from using Tide Free and Clear to Nellies for his clothes- maybe that will help. Trial and error.

Milestones: Rolling, sitting unassisted, clapping, blowing bubbles and making motorboat sounds. He also gives hugs and kisses!! Sweet little guy!

Rolling is his prime mode of transportation. No real interest in crawling yet.

Teething: Leo now has 3 teeth! The 3rd tooth actually came in quite easily. I think a couple more are cutting soon and they seem to be bothering him a bit more.

Personality: I'm amazed at how laid back he is. He really only gets fussy when he is hungry, dirty and tired. He is a dream baby. He smiles at everyone. Anytime we go somewhere people stop because he is looking and smiling at them.

Nicknames: Little Man, Munchkin, Mr. Leo, Lovey, Baby Brother, Buddy, Goofball

Likes: Eating, people talking to him, sitting in the high chair at the table, splashing in the water, the Ergo, jumperoo, being tickled, his sister and playing peek-a-boo

Dislikes: dirty diapers, teething, being alone, falling over, when his sister shouts in his ear

Mommy Update: We have a good routine now and most days I feel life is manageable. The toddler is the more difficult one these days. I had my wisdom teeth out a couple weeks ago and recovery was better than expected. I had a lot of help with the kids so I was able to rest. The worst part was just feeling hungry!

Big Sister: These two! Love them! Audrey just wants to hug Leo all the time and make him happy. If he cries she will rush over with toys or his soother. He rarely cries in the car because he has company with him.

Misc: Leo had his first airplane ride! We went to Vancouver for a long weekend for Hubby's Uncle's memorial. He was the perfect traveller and slept on the plane and during all the car rides. It was challenging sharing a hotel room with 2 children but we managed.

This month just flew by! Each month is getting more and more fun and I love watching my babies grow. Maybe just not so quickly! 


  1. 8 months already?! Feels like you just had him. He's such a happy guy :)

  2. His smile kills me!! I am so glad he is sleeping well at night for you. I hope his skin clears up for you or you can go back on gluten and dairy! That must be tough!! I love that top photo of the 2 of them smiling!! I can't even handle it!! LOVE them together.

  3. I still can't believe 8 months have gone by! I am not ready to give up this baby stage haha! Noah just tried chickpeas this month too!! I feel like he didn't try very many new things this month! Clearly I need to find some new things lol! Love the pictures of the kiddos together!! I can't imagine having a non- happy baby! Poor little guy with the excema! Coming from an adult who has it, it is no fun!! What do you give him a smoothy in? I'm trying to find a better cup for Noah or I might buy some more short bottles for juice! Glad you are feeling better! And that Leo is on the right track in the sleep department!

  4. What a great smile he has!


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