Wednesday, October 22, 2014


~ I'm loving Halloween this year!! Audrey is old enough to "get" it so we have been having fun doing crafts, decorating the house and wearing costumes! If only I didn't forget my camera at the Momstown Costume Parade yesterday :( I never forget my phone but the ONE time I really want to take a picture, I do. Good thing I'm having a small party this week so I have another opportunity to dress the kids up and take pictures.

~ I'm loving that next week I'll be on vacation! So excited to get away, enjoy the heat and have a change of pace. Anyone want to pack for me though? I really need to get started on that...

~ I'm loving that I was able to hang out with my mom and sister on Monday for a few hours. They both had the day off so we met up, with the kids in tow of course. I don't get to spend nearly as much time with them so it's nice when our schedules allow it.

~ I'm loving the current silence as Leo sleeps and Audrey is at the day home. It's rare that it's so quiet I can hear the clock tick! Oh the little things!

~ I'm loving that I had my first run with the Half Marathon clinic yesterday and my knee feels fine! I stretched my hip flexors out which I think is part of the issue. Fingers crossed this continues and I can finally train again for a half in the new year!

~ I'm loving the gorillas at the Zoo. The last couple of times we have been there they have been very interactive with the visitors. Audrey loves them! The Mandrills on the other hand kept charging us and being aggressive. Audrey kept telling me she was scared.

~ I love pillow forts

~ I love this kid

~ I love this kid too!

What are you loving?


  1. I had to google "mandrill" because the only thing that came to mind when I read that was "mandrake" from Harry Potter, lol. We haven't been to the zoo in AGES - maybe we'll visit when we're in Calgary next month :)

  2. Such great loves!! Sad I missed the Halloween parade - darn work!! :( I am so glad you guys are getting away too! Sun and heat - yes! I am excited for Friday, if only I could come up with a costume for me....hmmmm. Those photos of the kids are so great! Such cuties! We got zoo passes! We will have to go. Forgot to tell you that!!

  3. I love Leos jacket! Where from? Noah needs one!! Soo bummed - we wont even be home for halloween, which means no decor, no kids and sadly no party! But Noahs costume is cute! We are going to attempt trail #2 for our craft... feet art is hard!! Love the pics of the kiddos! The gorillas sound fun!
    Jealous of your vacay! We are discussing St. Maartin in the new year!
    Glad your knee is feeling better!

  4. I'll pack for you if you take me along with you...I think that's a fair deal! :)

  5. I kid you not, Halloween is the "holiday" I'm MOST excited for with kids! I used to have the best time picking out my halloween costume every year (and my grandma used to make it for me every single year!) I just think it's so fun for a kid to dress up. And to get candy of course, haha

  6. Great list! I'm loving the beautiful fall weather we've been blessed with this year!


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