Monday, October 6, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

Another busy fall weekend!

Friday morning Audrey had her first hair cut! I know, she's 2.5 years old! It was starting to get scraggly looking so she just had a small trim to clean it up. She has the cutest little bangs now!

That night, Audrey went to Grandma and Grandpa's for a sleep over. The rest of us went over to my friend's house for dinner and games. I met A at prenatal yoga, turns out we had the same midwives and now our babies are 3 days apart! We've been getting together almost weekly so we thought it would be nice to get the Dads together too.

We quickly put the babies to bed soon after we arrived at their house. Shockingly, Leo slept quite well in the pack n play in a strange place! Hooray!

We had a delicious dinner, great conversation and played a fun card game. It was so nice to get out and enjoy the company of other parents. Sometimes it's hard to socialize when you are running after toddlers so it's nice we were able to coordinate care for Audrey.

We stayed till 11pm, late for us party animals, and I almost didn't want to wake Leo since he was sleeping so well! He woke when I moved him into the car seat but he fell back asleep on the short drive home and settled easily after a dream feed. He then slept straight until 6am!! Yahoo!

Saturday morning, I had a hair appointment. It was my first time seeing Tracy, since my last hairdresser moved to Vancouver. I've known Tracy for 10+ years but she only recently became a hairdresser a few years ago. She's done hair for a few friends' weddings and a bunch of my friends see her regularly. I told her a couple years ago that I would come see her if my hairdresser ever moved so when she did I knew exactly who to call!

She runs her salon out of her home. We had lots to talk about and she did a great job on my hair! I love it!



In the afternoon, we went to Delainey's 1st birthday party!! Alison did such a great job planning, the ice cream theme was perfect! Such a sweet friend, she even bought me coconut ice cream because I can't have dairy! Miss D was absolutely darling in her little tutu! She was so sweet and kept coming up to me. Either she thought I was her mom or she just wanted to hang out with her boyfriend, Leo. I melted my heart whatever the reason!

Audrey had lots of fun playing with the other kids. She loved Delainey's cousin, Emerson! She was not happy when we told her we had to leave. I don't blame her- all the ice cream, cookies and kids to play with. Who would want to leave?!?!

Thanks for including us on this special day, Alison.

Afterwards, we were too tired to cook so we had Chinese instead. Hubby was smart and went to bed right after the kids went to bed, but I stayed up too late and watched The Good Wife. I'm so addicted to that show!

Sunday was a chore day. I ended up going to the mall to return a few things I bought for our upcoming family photos. I'm so disappointed- I found a nice sweater at Winners last week but I didn't buy it because the kids were getting antsy and the line up was huge. Of course it wasn't there when I went back today :( Never fails!

Now for another busy week!


  1. Love her haircut! I need to trim Avery's again before photos this week, it gets all long and messy looking at her ears!
    Your hair looks grwat too, it's always nerve wracking going to a new hairdresser so I'm happy it went good for you!

  2. A looked so cute on Saturday with her hair cut and pony tail :) That's awesome that you were able to find another hair dresser. Where does she live? Close to you? And we debated getting Chinese food too on the weekend.

  3. Thank you again for coming!! I LOVE A's hair cute and your hair looks awesome!! So glad you guys got a night out also, so important!! We had chinese on Sunday night!!

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend!! I just read about D's birthday and it sounded like soo much fun!! Why must we live soo far away!! Lol! But I am glad everyone had fun! Your hair looks awesome! That reminds me I need to book a hair appt for a trim! Look at A's hair too!! Adorable!! I need to trim Noah's around his ears lol! Sounds like a fun night out! Nice that you have kiddos the same age too!!

  5. Oh man Audrey's hair cut is SOOO cute! She is so adorable. Glad you had a great weekend! Your hair looks really great!


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