Friday, November 14, 2014

~Children's Museum of Phoenix~

We spent one morning at the Children's Museum of Phoenix last week. Audrey had an absolute blast and so did we! It was more of a play centre than what you would think of a typical museum. It was perfect for a toddler to run around and explore each of the different "exhibits."

It was a bit pricy to get in- $11 per person, babies under 1 were free. It was well worth the $33 for the 4 of us to go though.

When you first walk in, there is this huge 3 storey climbing structure, The Schuff-Perini Climber, for kids and adults to climb. It's supposed to be like climbing trees. It was so neat looking. Audrey and hubby climbed all the way to the top- I lost track of them for awhile because they were up so high!

Three stories high!! 

This is my "holy crap, this is so high and I forgot how much I hate heights like this!" face. And we were not even up 1 storey!

There was this neat contraption of freestanding tubes where you feed colourful scarves into the transparent, air-powered structure. They zoom through the tubes, high and low, and then float out gracefully! I could have watched it all day!

Even Leo was mesmerized by the floating scarves!

The Pedal Power exhibit was a huge hit for Audrey. She loved riding the tricycles, although she preferred the one you stride with your feet rather than with pedals!

Going through the bike wash

There were some Xylophones which Audrey briefly enjoyed making music on. 

The Art room was a bit overwhelming for Audrey because there were so many things to do and see. This particular structure was celebrating its one year anniversary- a years worth of paint on it! Audrey put her mark on it and quickly moved on to something else!

You can see the Noodle Forest in the left-side of this photo. Audrey loved running through it and even I enjoyed it! This cactus was a highlight. You put the stuffed owls on the velcro and crank them up to the top. They go flying at the top which is hilarious when you don't expect it!

We moved on to some imaginative exhibits. The Ice Cream stand was a huge hit for the kids. The kids took turns being the customer and being the ice cream scooper.

My favourite was the Market. Audrey loves grocery shopping so this was heaven for this little girl! We had so much fun picking out food and then going through the cash register.

Next, we moved onto the Texture Cafe, where you can cook an amazing meal with different fabrics, whatever your imagination comes up with. There was a pizza oven, tables, chairs, all sorts of pots and pans to cook with, and aprons to keep your outfit clean!

There were even baby zones in a lot of the exhibits that babies under one could safely explore. Leo loved all these blocks!

These hanging CDs kept Leo entertained with their twinkling and pretty colours.

There were so many exhibits. I didn't take pictures at all the ones we say and there were still a few that we missed. We will definitely go back again!


  1. Looks like an awesome museum and A had lots of fun!

  2. Looks like such a fun place to go!

  3. This is SO cool!! Now I really wish we were going south this winter! Gah,

  4. Looks so awesome!! Way better than out science center! GREAT photos. And I am jealous you are wearing shorts....

  5. That would be SO much fun! Glad you are having a blast. Enjoy your last week of warmth!

  6. Wow, soo much for the kiddos to do!! Looks a full day activity and I agree with Alison!! Jealous you are wearing shorts!! Oh and I thinking climbing the tree would freak me out too!!


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