Thursday, November 6, 2014

.:Leo: 9 Months:.

Eating: Leo is consistently eating 3 meals a day. He is still having a combination of purees and chunks of food. Sometimes he eats what the rest of us are eating and other times he has a combo of purees and leftovers.

New foods this month:
- Lamb- a fan!
- Asparagus- mostly gummed it and tossed it on the floor!
- Delicata squash- liked it!
- Grapes- yum yum

He's still nursing every 2-3 hours during the day. He's finally taken a liking to his sippy cup and drinks lots of water now.

Sleeping: Sleeping is still pretty good, although we had a few rougher nights when we first arrived in Phoenix. He was waking every 2-3 hours to feed but I think it was just becoming a habit to wake up to eat because once I refused to feed him back to sleep he figured it out on his own pretty quickly.
I typically do a dream feed around 9 or 10pm and he sleeps till either 3am or 5am. I feed him at that wake up and then he sleeps again until 7-7:30.

Leo is such a good napper, even in Phoenix. Naps are scheduled and in the crib, unless we are out. He is napping 2 times a day now. Usually 2 hours after he wakes up in the morning, for 1-2 hours. His afternoon nap is again 2-2.5 hours after he wakes from his last nap and lasts from 1.5-2 hours. Bed time is between 6-7pm, depending on how long his naps were that day.

Diapers: Size 2 Pampers Swaddlers for disposables at night, but mostly in cloth diapers. Once he is finished this box he will be onto Size 3s. I bought some Honest Company diapers while in Phoenix (had them shipped to the house) and I'm not super impressed with them. They fit smaller (which hasn't been an issue) and the tabs don't stick as well. The international surcharge is outrageous so while I do like that they are natural and eco-friendly, I don't think the extra cost is worth it.

Weight/Size: Leo hasn't been weighed since I took him to a local baby store last month and weighed him with his clothes and diaper on (16lbs, 13oz). He has his 9 month check-up in a couple weeks so I will update then.

Leo is wearing some 3-6 month and mostly 6-12 month clothing. He wears size 3 infant shoes.

Hair and eyes: Brown hair and blue eyes.

Leo's eczema comes and goes. I switched his lotion on a whim to Aveeno Baby Eczema and it really seemed to help.  It's been 2 months since I cut out dairy so it could also be that it is finally out of his system.  Then a couple days ago he had a bad break out. So maybe I ate some dairy by accident? Or maybe it's something else? So frustrating and I just want him to be better since it obviously bothers him.
His skin also seems to be blotchy on his legs and arms. I'll have to ask the doctor about that.

Milestones: He is slowly working on crawling, just some army crawling at this point. Rolling is still his prime mode of transportation. When sitting up, he will reach for something and go onto his belly.

He has also started purring, which is the cutest sound ever!!

Teething: Leo now has 5 teeth, 4 on the bottom and 1 on the top! His 2nd top tooth is about to cut any day here and it's obvious because he's been unusually fussy.

Personality: Happiest baby ever! He is so chill and just checks out the world from wherever you put him. He just takes everything in.

Nicknames: Little Man, Mr. Leo, Lovey, Baby Brother, Buddy, Goofball

Likes: Eating, people talking to him, sitting in the high chair at the table, splashing in the water, the Ergo, jumperoo, being tickled, blast off with Daddy, his sister and playing peek-a-boo

Dislikes: dirty diapers, teething, being alone, falling over

Mommy Update: We are currently in Phoenix so I've had lots of help. Packing for 2 kids is quite the feat though! So much stuff!! It's definitely different vacationing with 2 children vs 1 but we are making it work. On the days we do go out with both of them I'm so exhausted that I need a nap! 

Amazing photos courtesy of Whitney Cowan Photography

Big Sister: Watching them grow up together is my favourite part of having two! They love each other so much and I couldn't have imagined how close their bond would be. Such a gift to have one another.

Misc: Leo had his first trip to the USA. We are in Phoenix for 3 weeks, staying with Grandma and Grandpa N. He wasn't as good on the plane this time but he has adjusted so well to sleeping in a new place. He is so adaptable! Both kids are loving all the extra attention, time at the pool and new adventures every day!

We also celebrated Leo's first Halloween in Phoenix- Leo the Lion!

Leo's OALAWI was on October 31st. How is this little boy growing up so fast? I blinked and he's 9 months!

Leo, every day with you is amazing. The tough days make the good days even better. Every day you remind us how lucky we are to have you in our lives. We love you soooo much!


  1. We've only vacationed once with both kids and it was AWFUL - definitely not a vacation!! My husband hates even going to Calgary if it means we have to stay overnight, since neither of our kids sleep well somewhere new. I hope you're able to have a more relaxing trip than we did, lol!

    Leo makes such an adorable little lion :)

  2. Oh he is just soo damn cute!! Love all his expressions and I especially love the pics that whit took and the ones of the kiddos together!! Soo glad they get along soo well!! Glad sleep is going better!! Noah has slowed right down on nursing, maybe 4x - day now, twice in the morning and 1 in the afternoon and then bedtime! I think we will start homo milk soon, because I have a feeling he is starting to wean! I'm soo jealous of your long naps, although with that being said Noah has been having hour long naps lately and it is amazing! Haha. Soo much better than 20 minute and 30 minute ones! Leo weighs more that Noah! Last week Noah weighed 16.11! He is growing out of children's place 6-9 months - he wore them once!! Glad you guys are having fun in Az!!

  3. He is getting so big!! What a cutie! LOVE all his big smiles! Nice work on the naps Leo! wow. Hope you guys have a good end to your trip!


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