Tuesday, November 4, 2014

~Phoenix: Week 1~

We have been down in Phoenix for one week now. It's going by so fast!

My father-in-law flew down with the kids and I. This time we didn't almost miss the flight or anything!

And can someone tell me why everyone lines up when they announce pre-boarding? Unless you are in a wheelchair or have kids or flex class, then get out of the way! We had to butt in line to actually pre-board.
Happy when we first got on the plane!

Studying up on airplane safety
Then Leo basically screamed the whole flight. Ok, slight exaggeration but he was fussier than normal. He started out napping but as soon as they brought out the drinks there was too much commotion (his sister) and he woke up. My father-in-law said he wasn't that bad but of course it felt like he screamed half the flight!

Also, Westjet is phasing out the personal TVs so thankfully my father-in-law brought his iPad or else we would have had two screaming children for the whole flight! Had I known I would have brought more stuff to keep her occupied but I was trying to pack light...

The weather has been so great! Around 30C most days, although it is getting cooler and more bearable (not complaining!).

Audrey loves this little fountain in the backyard. She always checks for the rubber ducky.

I've been enjoying my coffee outside while getting some sun. Funny story- my mother-in-law and I could't figure out why we were so exhausted the first couple of days. We both needed naps in the afternoon and we thought maybe the heat was just getting to us? Turns out we were drinking decaf coffee instead of regular! Apparently my 1-2 cups of coffee a day are necessary!

We spent some time at our friends' pool. Audrey enjoyed the water, although cautious at first.

Leo LOVED splashing in the water. He also enjoyed all the attention of the doting ladies.

Audrey tried riding a two-wheel bike with training wheels. She loved it but she needs to work on her steering! We will be doing more of that in the next couple of weeks (with a helmet on!).

We also set up the kiddie pool for Audrey to splash around in. She LOVES it even more than the big pool! Figures!

We didn't do too much the first few days so everyone could adjust. Leo was napping well but waking a few times at night so I was exhausted, especially while accidentally drinking decaf!

Yes, I realize how ironic it is that she was wearing the helmet
around the house but not when riding the bike that one time.

Playing with Play Doh

Loving watermelon!

We took Audrey to a big playground where she had a blast! So many kids and things to do!

I also managed to get a couple runs in. My father-in-law joined me on the first one, which was almost 4K. You really need to get out before 9am or else it's too hot. I did a long run mostly by myself one day. I thought I was supposed to do 9K but when I told my instructor I got my run in she said I only needed to do 7K! I only did 8.5K but it was felt so hot and it was only 19C!

It was also Leo's "Out as Long as was In" day on Halloween. Crazy how fast the last 38 weeks have flown by!

Of course we celebrated Halloween.

My mother-in-law picked up a few new toys for the kids, including this Canadian contraband- a walker!! Their house doesn't have any stairs so I'm not worried about Leo getting hurt. Plus he just sits there and hasn't figured out how to move it yet! Audrey likes to push him, or her Dolly, in it!

Yes, it's pink!

Eating the foam mats!! B is his favourite! 
We had some nice dinners, and visits from Great Grandma.

Daddy arrived on Sunday and everyone was happy to see him. He was happy to escape the snow that had covered the city the day before.

Unfortunately, sickness also arrived. My father-in-law was flu-ish the day we flew down, after getting his flu shot the day before. Five days later, my mother-in-law and Leo were both sick. Leo puked a couple times and had some bad diapers but didn't seem to bothered by it, unlike my mother-in-law, who was quite sick for 2 days. The day after hubby arrived, he was also sick, although not as bad as his mom. I started to not feel well also but a long three hour nap helped me immensely. So it looks like only Audrey was spared and hopefully she doesn't get it.

Being sick is no fun. Being sick on vacation sucks! Everyone seems to be on the mend now so let's home we've gotten that all out of our system!

That rounds up the first week! Some of our plans had to be postponed due to being sick but we sure got lots of relaxing in!


  1. Looks like a great time so far!! Despite the sickies!! That pool area looks exactly like where we stayed!! Maybe?! Leo is looking so grown up, love the contraband walker! Bet he loves it. DECAF! No way! ha ha that is so funny though! I am so jealous of the heat!! Keep having a great time!

  2. Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun! I was about to ask where J was in your pictures :) Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  3. Wow, it looks like you are having a blast! I'm jealous of the warm weather!!

  4. Besides the flu sounds like a great sunny trip so far! How long are you there for? I'm not sure we'll get there this winter :( Not enough holidays for everything!

  5. Soo jealous of the heat!! Our weather is crappy here!! Wet and chilly! Ok your flight makes me fear Noah's flight we booked for March!! Haha. Hopefully he remembers how to fly good!! But he will be soo much busier!! Yikes! Love all the pics of the kiddos!! Boo to being sick though!! How long are you gone for? Sounds like you are having a blast though!!


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