Tuesday, November 11, 2014

~Phoenix: Week 2~

Our 2nd week in Phoenix has zoomed by, now that everyone feels better! It was jam-packed full of activities.

We went on lots of walks around the community my in-laws live in. It's a good way to get Audrey out running around and burning off some energy. Sometimes we find things, like lemons!

Audrey has been on lots of bike rides. One day we rode out to the local baseball field to watch some of the 'old guys play ball. It's always entertaining and we get great seats!

She really does enjoy it more than she's showing!

We also headed back to our friends' pool one morning. Audrey was a little more daring this time and "swam" a bit more. She also played with Great-Grandma who was teaching her how to play with the water guns! Thankfully she wasn't very good at it!

Leo has been enjoying playing- mostly with things he shouldn't, like his sister's Dolly or the remote!

We went to the Children's Museum of Phoenix one morning. It was so much fun!! Audrey loved it and even Leo was quite entertained. I'll do a full post later because I took so many pictures!

I also went shopping a few times with my mother-in-law. I haven't gone too crazy but I've found a few good deals at Target (because IT IS different than at home!) and Ross.

My mother-in-law also treated me to a much needed pedicure and massage. So heavenly! My poor upper back was so tight and my neck had so many knots in it!

We've filled the evenings with dinners with friends and family, card games, scrabble games and just hanging out. It's been so relaxing! It's nice to not have to rush anywhere and do a million things after the kids get to bed!

I've been keeping up with my runs, even if my Garmin decided to freeze the day of my long run so I had to run it naked! It was not the greatest 9K ever- I didn't know when my walk breaks were so I just walked when I felt like it which was more often than I should have. For the first time in a long time I had to turn my music on because I was just not motivated but I got it done. My shorter runs haven't been too bad though. Much better than running in the snow and cold at home so I better enjoy this while I can :/

Our friends lent us this little trampoline for Audrey to play in. It was quite the project for the guys to set up and we joked for awhile that it took them longer to set it up than Audrey jumped in it but she's starting to enjoy it more.

Hubby and I went on a date to our first NFL game- Arizona Cardinals vs St. Louis Rams! It was awesome!! I don't follow football at all but it was quite the experience and I really got into the game. The fans were crazy, the stadium massive and the experience overall exceeded my expectations.

A couple things to note about the experience- my little purse, more like a clutch, was too big to be allowed in the stadium. Someone kindly told me as we were walking towards the stadium so we had time to turn around and take it back to the car. I get that duffle bags might not be allowed in but a small purse? We also had to go through security to go in which is something else I've never experienced going to a sporting event in Canada. Even our water bottle was confiscated because it was too big!

We missed the opening activities and kick off by a few minutes because we ordered food from a food truck just outside the stadium (but inside the gates) and it took over 20 minutes to make my burger! That was disappointing!

The game itself was awesome! The first 3 quarters weren't too interesting but things got quite entertaining during the 4th quarter. The Cardinals ended up winning by quite a bit.

Grandma and Grandpa looked after the kids so we could go to the game. This was the longest I've left Leo for. He did really well- he went down for his nap without any fight which I was a bit worried about since usually I nurse him right before he goes to sleep.

We went back to the Wildlife World Zoo this year. Audrey loved checking out all the animals, feeding the giraffe, and looking at the reptiles (yuck!).


Galapogos Tortoise aka "Sheldon" which is what Audrey calls every tortoise


Black Swans

Black Swan looking for food!

Drawing in the dirt

Baby Giraffe!

Grandpa & Audrey found a playground!

Petting Zoo- Audrey was scared of the tortoise

Leo pet the tortoise!

Audrey pet it and then ran!
Afterwards we went for lunch at Dillions that had a neat aquarium. Audrey loved watching the fish and sharks swim around. Great for entertaining the kids while we waited for our food.
The girls (minus Audrey)

The boys

Audrey colouring

Clearly we had lots of fun this week and it's hard to believe we only have one more week left!!


  1. You picked the BEST couple of weeks to escape! It is freakin' cold here!
    I am glad you guys are having a relaxed trip :) That zoo is awesome, we loved it. I will put the museum on our list of places to go too!

  2. Looks so awesome! I am pretending I am there with you - it's f'in cold!!! Glad you had a date night too - thats insane you can't bring a little clutch! Crazy!

  3. Sounds like a great week!! Glad you are all feeling better!! The football game would have been soo much fun!!! Crazy about the clutch!! Love that pic of Leo in the sharks mouth with his tongue sticking out!! Such a ham!!!

  4. Oh my! Audrey looks so adorable in that purple-striped outfit with the matching cap. She's been doing a lot of fun activities and I'm sure she'll make one of those as sports interest when she grows a little bit older. Hahaha! Leo also looks so cute in the candid shots. Thank you so much for sharing the lovely pictures! Wishing you and your family all the best!

    Lindsay Wood @ PoolShopWA


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