Friday, December 12, 2014

~Five for Friday~

Oh it's Friday again, where did the week go? I certainly didn't spend it blogging!!

1. Yesterday, we went to the Momstown Christmas Party and met up with Alison and Delainey. It was a bit chaotic there but we had a good time. Audrey was a bit apprehensive towards Santa again, at first. She wouldn't sit on his lap but at least I got her to stand next to him!

Delainey on the other hand, not a fan!

Later on, they announced that Santa would be reading a story and Audrey bee-lined over there to sit right next to him!

"I'm ready, Santa!"

Anyone that reads to her is in her good books!!

2. Today, we went over to Auntie L's house to decorate cookies with Grandma, Auntie A and cousin L. The little girls had fun decorating the cookies and were quite focused. I think the sprinkles was their favourite part and eating the cookies, of course!

Leo just happily hung out!

3. Audrey is on a tutu kick right now! She has worn this tutu two days in a row now!!

twirling around

4. The tree is still up and hasn't been abused too much by little fingers but it's not from a lack of trying!

5. We are in full Christmas swing over here, if this post wasn't any indication!! Hubby and I went to a grown up Christmas party last night and tomorrow night we are going to another one! We are grateful to have family close by to look after our little ones while we have some adult time.

Still have lots to do though- must finish the photo books this weekend so they are under the tree for Christmas! Christmas cards are next and baking if we have time!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. I had just commented on Alison's about your Christmas pic! Too funny!! Your kids faces are priceless haha! Poor Delainey!! We take Noah tomorrow, hopefully it goes well!! Love how excited A got about the book lol!! I miss our emails, I feel like we haven't caught up in forever!!
    Sounds like you guys are busy with the season as well (hence my lack of blogging lol) looks like Leo is on the move more and more!!
    Hope you have a great weekend

  2. Oh man that photo is hilarious of D!! Yours is way better!! I love Audrey is that tutu!!! LOVE tutus! So cute.


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