Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Most Recently...

I feel like I never get a chance to sit down and just write. There are so many other things that I need to do so blogging gets left to the wayside. Le sigh...


- I drove downtown on the coldest day of the year so far, or at least it felt that way, -30C, for a meeting to discuss my return to work. Brrrr it was chilly!! It was nice to see some of my co-workers, and even an ex-co-worker (Hi, D!) who only works a few floors below me. I could have done without the cold, the long drive and paying $21 in parking for 3 hours. It never fails that I get a parking ticket when I stop even for 20 minutes so I shelled out the big bucks 2x while I dropped the kids off at hubby's office and then underground parking at my office. The coffees I could have bought with that money!

- We went to visit Santa last week! Audrey was super excited to go see him- she told me she was going to ask him for a 'box of presents!' Of course, as soon as she saw him she froze and did not want to go near him! Leo was perfectly content to sit on his knee but I had to hold Audrey so needless to say, I was in the picture. Maybe we will try again if we get time.

Picture of a picture

- Audrey also wrote a letter to Santa, with Daddy's help. It's the cutest thing ever! We still have to mail it this week.

- We went to Momstown this week and did a Gingerbread Man craft. It was a small group (bad roads? Christmas preparations?) so the kids had lots of fun playing with the parachute and creating their Gingerbread Men. It was a bit more difficult than usual because Leo was rolling around everywhere and trying to get into all the craft supplies!

- As I mentioned, Leo is really trying to move! He's going to be crawling so soon. I'm excited but also dreading it because I know he is going to get into everything! I really will need eyes in the back of my head!

- My Christmas shopping is 90% done and it feels good to not be too stressed about it this year! Decorating... not at all. I blame that on the fact that I know I will just be saying "No, don't touch!" "Audrey, you are going to break that!" "Leo, don't pull the tree down!" We are going to cut down our tree next weekend though.

- We took a trip to Ikea on the weekend. We almost bought this rocking chair for Audrey- she was so cute rocking the stuffes in it!

- We went to Airdrie on Saturday to watch my niece play ringette. Audrey loved watching her cousin skate around and hanging out with her other cousin. She has those girls wrapped around her fingers! It was super ridiculously cold that day and I was even freezing in the arena. Next time... warmer socks!

- We had sushi for dinner one night and even Audrey devoured it! Usually she doesn't really like it but she was all over it, until she had some 'spicy stuff.' Even the Miso soup was a hit!

- The kids have still been sleeping in most days, which is great except for the fact that Audrey is struggling to nap because she isn't tired enough at her usual nap time but 5pm rolls around and she's a bear! We still instill "quiet time" in her room so often she will bring every toy in her room onto her bed to play with. She barely fits on there with all of them!

- I miss Milo immensely, every day. Currently, I'm missing him big time because I saw a mouse in our house!! Audrey and I went to go to the basement to get some craft supplies and there he was sitting on the stairs, trying to get upstairs!! I may have screamed a few times and Audrey told me it was ok and not to be scared of the mouse. He was bold too- he kept trying to come upstairs, even though I was yelling at him! I knew I wasn't crazy when I heard some noises last night! Guess we have to set some traps... or move.

- Making photo books is the current bane of my existence! Why must I be a perfectionist? Why must I like 2 different layouts and unable to combine them? Here's hoping they are done in time to order for Christmas!

- I think the kids want quads for Christmas! They sure liked riding on them at Bass Pro! Sorry, not gonna happen!

Ok, I'm off to work on my to-do list aka design photo books. And hopefully not get eaten by a mouse...


  1. O where did you get your alphabet mat? I like those colors soo much better!! I find Noah can't move well on our rug and think he would do better on the foam! I also love his bicycle pants!! Sounds like you have been busy like us! I wish I was making photo books, I doubt I would have time to make granny brag books! Haha. My blogging has been slacking lately too!! It happens! Noah will bum scoot around but no crawling, still hates his tummy time, but I don't know that he needs to do that in order to crawl because he seems to just tip himself over! Haha. A does look pretty cute in that chair! I need an IKEA trip!
    That's too funny about the mouse! Ugh I feel like they took over while we were out of the house! We have it under control now, but only caught 3! There must be more! The field across the street was plowed and they always come in, cats or no cats!

  2. So cute that Audrey told you not to be scared of the mouse!

    What are you using to make photo books? I've used Mixbook the last two years and find it so much more simple than anything else I've tried. I made books so quick and they always turn out amazing!

  3. You guys have been busy, busy, busy since getting back from holidays! Poor A not wanting to sit on Santa's knee. Maybe next year :) How did the talk with your work go? Did you set a return to work date? Crazy that Leo is almost a year old then! Yuck, I hate mice. We had a couple in our garage (left grass seed on the ground and they went nuts eating the bag), but luckily they didn't come into the house.

  4. Leo did so good with Santa! I am not even attempting it till Avery asks to go on her own lol.
    A mouse?! I would have lost it!! I loose it when a spider is in the house ;)
    I agree with Becky and Mixbook. I have attempted a few on other sites and get frustrated. Mixbook is very easy and lets you customize everything. I had a few calendar through Shutterfly and almost lost my mind trying to do, hated the site and program! And I do graphic design!

  5. Man alive you are busy!!! First of all - don't move. I would be sad. I hope the mouse moves out. I'm sorry you miss Milo. :( Where are Leo's bike pants from? LOVE them. I was sad we miss MT last week, I think we will miss this week too but I am going to the xmas party I saw you were too.
    I need to start my photobook, which company are you using? Photobook Canada is what I always use. I could go on and on about this post - love Audrey in that rocker, Leo moving around - can't wait for him to run around with D!! And look at her eating sushi - I need to try D on it, J hates it!! Hope to see you soon - we miss you guys. Can't wait to hear what the verdict is on work. :)

  6. Wow, you're busy! I love Audrey's letter, by the way! Topher's never really written a letter to Santa ... He loves to watch the "Portable North Pole" videos, and he likes to see Santa at the mall every year but he's never really bought into the story that Santa brings gifts down the chimney. He's too logical for that! We plopped Ellie on Santa's knee this year - she didn't smile or cry, she just looked stunned! Whatever works :) Hope your Photobooks turn out! I used Blurb this year but found their program a lot more time-consuming than it used to be. Last year I just uploaded photos from Facebook and the captions came with them, this year I had to upload them and then caption them all individually. It was a pain!

  7. Yikes about the mouse! But that is too funny that Audrey didn't seem bothered by it at all. We could have used her in our office the other day when there were TWO mice running around!

    Her letter to Santa is so freaking cute. I love that she asked for a kitchen!! aww


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