Friday, January 16, 2015

~Friday Randoms~

~ Target Canada is closing all 133 of it's stores here. I'm a little too upset about this. Like why can't they just close a few stores? They seemed busy enough whenever I shopped there, although I did notice they had a stocking issue. I feel so bad for all the employees that are losing their jobs.

~ I want to sign up for all the races! I need to sit down and decide which ones to do! I definitely want to do a colour run and some shorter races. I love half marathons but I also want to work on speed and not have super long runs on the weekend, which takes away from family time. Any suggestions? 

~ Friends on Netflix- love it!! It was my favourite show when I was in high school so I'm excited to watch it all over again!! I'm also laughing at the fashion!!

~ Yesterday we had a great Zoo Date with Alison and Delainey! The weather has been so nice this past week that we had to take the chance to get outside and visit the animals. Delainey is the cutest fashionista and a good little buddy to keep Audrey in line!

It was also the first penguin walk of the year! So neat to see the King Penguins walking along the pathways.

~ Each of our children received a huge stuffed animal before they were born. Audrey has this huge dog and Leo has a huge elephant. Leo LOVES them both. He seems them sitting in the corner and he beelines over to them and gives them giant hugs! He tries to climb all over them and just maul them with love! It's the cutest thing ever!

~ I'm still upset about Target closing... 


  1. Ugh! I'm so sad about Target too. You will find me in there every single day I don't have a child until it closes, spending every last dollar I have on all of the things. </3

  2. I'm really sad about Target. There is a Target less than 1K away from my house and I go there all the time. Our Target is pretty busy as it is the only big box store in my area of Orleans - everything else is a 10-15 minute drive up to the south end of the suburb and in a really busy area. Once Target closes we will have a Giant Tiger and that is about it. I refuse to go to Walmart (aka Devil-Mart). I'm not sure what they are going to do with all the empty stores. The Target is a big part of the mall.

  3. I'm mourning the loss of Target with you....I am so bummed. Thanks again for the Zoo date! Leo is so cute with the big stuffies!! ha ha I love watching Friends re-runs when I see them on TV. Just so good.

  4. I am so mad about Target :( Probably more than I should be! I wish we were closer to the zoo! I want to take Avery this Spring.

  5. I am also upset about target - granted it wasn't nearly as awesome as the American stores, still much better than Walmart. Loved the clothing section and baby section!! Noah loves stuffed animals too!! Love his little pants!! The penguin walk looks so cute!!


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