Monday, January 5, 2015

~On to 2015~

Hello 2015!

Hope you are as great as 2014 since that was a pretty epic year and you have a lot to live up to!

We rung in the New Year with some good friends. We put the children to bed and enjoyed a nice dinner, a few drinks (not as many as Nutcracker night!), some games and many laughs! It was the perfect way to celebrate at this point in our lives! I've never been one to really enjoy New Years- it's hard to stay up that late, but we had no problems this time!

Hubby is lucky he didn't wake up the kids hitting the wall with the cork!

Cheers to 2015!

It was a late night- I haven't stayed up until 2am in a long time! Even though Audrey and Leo slept in until 8am, it still seemed early!

We took advantage of the nicer weather and headed out for a day at the Zoo on New Years Day. I've spent a lot of time at the Zoo with the kids this past year but we haven't gone as a family very often so it was nice.

Audrey showing Daddy the rhino

Riding the Komodo Dragon

Big Komodo Dragon!
Baby Komodo Dragon

Leo just hanging out

My boys!

Me and my little boy!

I've been keeping up with my half marathon training. Although I did just find out that the date has changed from February 7th to February 8th! Good thing I didn't have plans for the new date.

I did a long 16K run with the half clinic group just before New Years- it was cold!! I had good company so it wasn't that bad and we did run out of Eau Claire so at least my car was warm, parked underground.

I thought we were supposed to do 18K yesterday and the weather was -26C plus windchill (so probably -35C). I debated bundling up and meeting the group or running on the treadmill. It seems no one else wanted to run in the ridiculous cold so instead we met at one of the malls before it opened and ran laps. The schedule only called for 12K so that was a relief since that was long enough running inside as it was! It was sooooo dry in there. I feel like the air sucked all the moisture out of my throat, lungs and head. Better than running outside in the cold though! Or alone on the treadmill.

It was interesting running the mall while the stores were closed. We saw people taking down kiosks (the ones up for Christmas)- a few deer and bears were being moved around! So of course we needed a picture!

Other than running, it's been a quiet start to the new year. We are taking a break after the craziness of the Christmas season. I am also busy planning Audrey and Leo's joint birthday party that is sneaking up on me! Next month I will have a one year old!!!


  1. How is Leo almost ONE?! Crazy! Love the zoo photos :) Good job on your training, awesome that you guys were able to run inside, that is the only thing about early races. I still am super proud of you running a Feb race! I am looking for a June one, I think.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a fun NYE! I had no idea that you could run in the mall before it opened. Good idea though!

  3. When I worked retail we used to joke about the "mall walkers", they were a serious group that took their ability to get into the mall to walk at 7am VERY seriously!!! But it's very smart, it's totally clear and when there's snow they have a great plow team!

  4. Looks like a fun NYE!!! I want to see the nutcracker night pics!! ha ha Crazy and wild Nicole?!! Mall running - never thought of that! We need a zoo date! When it warms up of course! PS. Leo almost one?! Liar!! What's the plan for the party??

  5. Wait, Leo is almost ONE?! How did that happen?

    I love that Barefoot Bubbly

    Crazy you guys ran in the mall! I would have felt so weird running around haha, who knew you could even do that!

  6. That is one of my favorite champagnes! What a fun New Years Eve and Day! Your sweet little ones are so cute, and I really can't believe Leo is almost one!!


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