Friday, January 30, 2015


Oh it's been a tough week here with teething (Leo), tantrums (Audrey) and time outs (Audrey) so I'm taking the easy way out and sharing some random thoughts and photos today. That's just about all my brain can handle right now ;)

I was pretty pumped to get a cute, smiling photo of this girl on a swing while at the park this week.

 What a goof- playing with her Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head family!

We went to Winners the other day and the book section kept her occupied for a bit! Love it!

He looks content here but really he just wanted out or more food or something...

She loves the chiro office because they have a water cooler. She enjoys drinking from the paper cups!

Playing in the toy box at the chiro office while I get fixed up from my fall. So happy they are kid friendly or else I would never get there!

Waiting to get fixed up at the chiro office so perfect opportunity for a selfie ;)

This girl was game to help me make a cake for Leo's "cake smash." She may have gotten batter on her hair while trying to grab a beater...

Later on I iced the cake. Mmmmm buttercream!

Saw this book at Chapters the other day. So funny, except when it's true!

Leo and I on our last "Mommy and Leo Wednesday" since Audrey won't be going to the day home in February.

Audrey and her 'style'... hairband courtesy of Alison

I've signed up for another race! I'll be doing the Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women 5K in May. My sister will be doing it with me and we are part of the Country Hills Running Room team. I'm so excited! I'm trying to convince my sister to wear a tutu with me...

In one week my baby turns one! How is that possible? Insert waterfall of tears.

Normally I'm excited for Friday but hubby has to work a lot this weekend so I'm kind of dreading it. No break for mama over here! I'm still hoping I can get out for yoga and my group run.

Ok tell me something random!


  1. YAY on signing up for another race! I have PR'd both times I have worn a tutu, while racing, so I'm all for wearing them now LOL!

  2. Love love love Leo's deer pants - where from? Such a stylish dude! Noah took the plunge and decided to start crawling today!! I bribed him with food haha. When do you go back to work again?
    Can't believe he is going to be one!! I'm soo not ready for this! Haha. Jealous of your lack of snow... Want ours? It appears Alberta keeps sending clippers our way... Thanks haha. Soo over winter and ready for our vacay!

  3. Sending you lots of hugs and patience! How can you stay mad at Audrey with the headband on the totally wrong way? ;)

  4. We've had a tough week with tantrums and timeouts too - with both kids! I'm jealous you were able to get outside - it's all ice here, so I've been resorting to trips to the mall to let the kids run around :)

  5. I'm sorry it was a tough week! I LOVE all the photos though, you guys have been busy! Audrey has great style, love the headband on the side. Her and D can start some new trends together!! No more dayhome on Wednesdays?! Oh no. Hope you enjoy this month off!!


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