Monday, January 19, 2015

~Weekend Highlights in Photos~

We had a relatively quiet weekend but lots of fun moments so I'll share those!

Hubby had a late night on Friday- guys night, so for once I was the one that got up first with the kids while he slept it on Saturday! We had a slow start to the day- just hanging out in our pjs, playing around.

We rotated a few of the toys from the basement, and brought up this rocking horse that Audrey has had since before she was born!

Looks like Leo loves it just as much as Audrey does!!

Maybe if I hug him he will get off my horse...

Audrey, the carrot is for the horse, not you!

And Audrey on the rocking horse when she was around Leo's age!

We went for a late lunch after swimming- everyone worked up an appetite! Someone got a french fry and was pretty happy about it!

I also got the exciting news that little Miss Amelia has arrived!! Congratulations to Leigh and Mr. D on your sweet bundle! I can not wait to meet her and steal all the snuggles! :) Isn't she a doll?

I did my 18K run on Sunday morning with my running group. It was a great warm day, with great company and cooperative legs! Our pace was even decent! Race day is getting closer!

Oh this girl! Dressed up and eating a pear! She was helping Daddy make soup but got sidetracked when she saw the pear!

Someone is about a billion times more flexible than his mom! He will stand at his activity cube and slowly his legs slide into the splits!

And that was our weekend! Family, fun and running!


  1. Oh my gosh Leo in the splits is soooo cute!! Rocking horse looks fun! Nice work on the run - finally a good day for it!Looks like a good weekend! :) And yay for Amelia.

  2. So excited for Leigh and Brian!! I totally stalked her all day Saturday since I was pretty sure she was in labour Friday lol.
    Leo is SO flexible! I love it. Way more than me too!
    Awesome job on your run! I have not ran over 9km in months! Eek.

  3. Look at Leo on that horse!! Noah isn't too sure of his yet, he has a horse and plane haha, but he loves his ride on fire truck and digger!! Although he would such rather walk!!! Glad job on your race!! Crazy how different A looks than Leo, yet the same! Glad you had a great weekend!! Soo many babies were born this weekend!! My cousin had hers too!! Love the name Amelia, it was on our list, but spelt different! She is too cute!!

  4. Aw thanks for including Amelia in your post :)


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