Monday, January 12, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

It was a quiet weekend, evidenced by the fact that I took very few pictures!

Friday night, after a short visit with the in-laws, who are now back in sunny Phoenix, I headed out to yoga. You can definitely tell it's the new year because the class was packed! For some reason it wasn't the best practice for me. I ended up hurting my hip. More on that later.

Saturday was a lazy day around the house. My hip was really bothering me so I was stretching it, rolling it and massaging it. I tried to make an appointment for a chiro adjustment but couldn't get in until Monday.

In the afternoon, we had the kids' first swimming lesson at the YMCA. I'm a bit disappointed in the instruction of the class. Hopefully it improves over the weeks. At least the water was warm and both kids enjoyed it. Leo was splashing away and having so much fun. Audrey was braver and did front and back floats (assisted) which she usually hates. She did not like being dunked though!

Both kids crashed after swimming. Mission complete!

Sunday morning I made the decision to not do the 18K run. My hip was not feeling too great and the last thing I want is to get injured before my race. I think with an adjustment and lots of rolling it will be fine but I wanted to be safe.

Instead of running in -16C, I hung out at home with my little family, had pancakes for breakfast and watched a movie. Perfect morning!

We did get outside for some fresh air. It had snowed again so we shovelled the driveway and sidewalk and then went for a nice family walk. It was chilly, which really made me thankful I didn't run that morning!

We didn't do too much else- some party planning, lots of playing and some cleaning/organizing.

Someone discovered he can fit under the table!

Overall it was a pretty relaxing weekend which was nice!

Now if it could just warm up a little bit that would be lovely!


  1. Oh no, hope your hip is okay! Where are you taking the kids for the swim lessons?

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm signing the kids up for swimming lessons next month. Topher threw a huge temper tantrum and refused to get into the water at his last swimming lesson (last April!) so yeah. I'm not exactly looking forward to it, but I think swimming is an important life skill so we'll try again!

    I hope your hip gets better quick!

  3. Sounds like a nice weekend! Hope the hips smartens up and swimming lessons get better.

  4. Hopefully your hop feels better soon!! Glad you got in some quality family time! Nhe ah has the same sleeper in 12 months, which we are about to size up to! I'm looking forward to getting him weighed this week! He must be at least 20 pounds!!! What birthday theme are you going with? We are going with Elmo! I want to get Noah used to the pool before we goto st Martiin - we have our staycation next week and there is a pool at the hotel, so hopefully we will get some swimming in then too!!

  5. Look at Leo scooting all over the house! I used to teach swim lessons, and I had a lot of kids who were scared at first, and the they turned into little fish! I hope your hip feels better!!


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