Monday, January 26, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

Weekend is over :( Wahhhhh! Monday, why must you come so soon?

Friday was fairly uneventful. The kids and I went grocery shopping and to the Dollarstore in the morning. In the evening, Uncle D came over for dinner. The kids enjoyed playing with him. Audrey insisted that he put her to bed! Her new thing is to turn the lights on in her room after we leave and play in her bed or read some books. When did she go from turning three to thirteen? A couple nights in a row we have found her fast asleep, but with the lights on!

I went to yoga which was a great class! I finally feel like I am making some progress in my practice. I'm getting stronger, willing to go further in poses and just feeling really good. The class was packed too.

Saturday we all slept in till 8am which was wonderful! Leo has been waking a few times in the night due to teething so the sleep in was needed.

In the morning, hubby and Audrey went grocery shopping while Leo and I hung out at home and did some birthday party prep. Making progress!

In the afternoon, we headed out for swimming lessons. Still am not super impressed with the programming and the pool was so cold this week too! I talked to another mom and she said when she did this class with her first child 2 years ago it was much better.

Leo caged in while I change!

One tired little boy after swimming!

Both kids were exhausted after and fell asleep in the car, which rarely happens with Audrey anymore. She transferred fine to her bed but Leo did not so he was a bit grumpy due to his short nap. He helped me do more party prep.

We went for dinner to Boston Pizza, always kid friendly! It's nice to not have to clean up after a meal once and awhile! I ate so much unhealthy food- it was so good. Nice to have cheese after not being able to have it for 5 months. I made the excuse that I was carb loading for my long run the next day ;)

Mmm, ribs!

Sunday morning everyone woke up early, despite the late night. I met my running group for our 20km run. It was such a gorgeous day outside!

9C isn't bad for January!

We ran from McKnight Blvd to Centre Street, past the Zoo, on the Nose Creek pathways. Great route, although a bit icy due to the melting and freezing. Lots of runners and cyclists out!

I was having such an awesome run- great pace, legs felt so good, mind was happy, couldn't ask for better weather and fabulous company as always! It's pretty rare that I can wear capris for an outdoor run in January! Might have been a first!

Around 15K mark, with Telus Spark in the background.

Then a kilometre later, I spotted a patch of ice, starting walking and my feet flew out from under me. I landed on my butt, then smacked my head on the ground and slide down the hill. It hurt! After a minute, Penny helped me up and we walked for a short bit, to get past all the ice. My shoulder and neck hurt the worst- I must have pulled something when I hit my head.

My legs didn't hurt at all but my shoulder and neck made it hard to run. If I had to fall, I'm glad it was closer to the finish than the start. We still made it back in decent time and I'm confident that given the right weather conditions I will have a great race in two weeks.

Temperature at the end of my run! Not bad!

Once we made it back to our cars, we headed to Denny's for some brunch. I had the most epic pancakes with chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and peanut butter! Yum!!

While I was out running, hubby took the kids to the Zoo. He said it was the busiest he has seen it in a long time- everyone wanted to take advantage of the sunny, warm January weather! They had lots of fun and I missed them a lot!

Once again, the kids fell asleep on the car ride home and both transferred to their beds. I spent the afternoon icing my shoulder/neck and working on blog posts. Hubby took down the Christmas lights, cleaned out the garage and installed Audrey's new carseats, since it's almost time for Leo to graduate to the convertible seat :(

After they woke up, we went for dinner to Uncle C and Auntie L's house. They made us delicious pizza and cake! Sooooo good!

Such a good weekend! I've already placed my order for nice weather in two weeks for my race!


  1. Loving this weather! We went to Costco on saturday and were shocked at how empty it was in comparison to how it usually is on Saturdays. But then we realized everyone was probably out trying to enjoy the warm weather!

    Sounds like a bad fall, I hope you're recovering well!

  2. Oh my goodness, I hope you're okay! It was a gorgeous weekend to get outside. I'm still getting over this silly cold so I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I would have liked! I'm jealous you guys go to the zoo, so much, as London loves it! I'm hoping to make a day trip to Calgary soon (our next warm spell) and let him run around!

  3. Yikes!! I am so glad you are ok!! That ice is deadly! Party looks like it will be great! Cant' wait. Sounds like an awesome weekend with lots of yummy food!!

  4. Soo jealous of your weather!! We have soo much snow and cannot see the grass at all!! Noah loved swimming while we were away, so I will consider swim lessons in the spring! Although I get they don't do much in the beginning. Noah has already been dunked a few times! I love that outfit Leo is wearing it's one of my favs on Noah too!! Stylish boys! The birthday prep looks cute!!

  5. Glad you were able to have such a nice run, minus the fall. But happy to hear you are OK! The picture of Audrey sleeping is so cute!


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