Tuesday, February 24, 2015

~Audrey: 3 Years Old~

Sleep: Audrey still has rough nights here and there but for the most part sleeps fairly well at night. When she is sick her wake ups are more frequent. She also has nightmares that wake her up and leave her inconsolable but those aren't too frequent. Sometimes she wakes up to go to the bathroom or wants water and goes right back to sleep.

Her naps are hit or miss. The days she does nap, usually after a lot of fresh air and physical activity, she naps for 2+ hours and doesn't go to bed until really late. We still enforce quiet time during the day, in her room but she usually doesn't fall asleep, unless sick and completely exhausted.

Eating: Audrey is a pretty good eater but can be picky about some things. Sometimes she likes vegetables and other times she won't touch one. She loves pancakes, cheese, toast, wraps, fruit, gold fish, chicken and shepherds pie.

Eyes: Green/Hazel

Hair: Her hair is getting longer. She had her first hair cut just after she turned 2.5 years old and has had another one since. It's not quite long enough for a full ponytail but it's getting close. She likes to have a pony tail or two up top and bows or clips in her hair. It's still curly.

Playing: Audrey loves puzzles, reading, playing with her dolls and her toy kitchen. She loves to make food all day, go grocery shopping, go to school, and take her dolls for walks in the stroller. She isn't so good with sharing with Leo yet.

Talking: She speaks very well. Her vocabulary is extensive and she picks up new words and phrases daily. She listens to those around her and repeats phrases and intonations. It's pretty eye opening to listen to her!!

Weight/Clothing: Audrey is 31 lbs and 39 inches long. She is definitely tall! She is wearing size 3T & 4T clothes. She wears size 7-8 shoes, depending on the brand.

Audrey loves to pick her outfit each day, although she doesn't usually fight me when I pick her outfit for her. She loves to wear dresses, skirts, tutus and dress-up gowns.

Personality: Audrey has always known what she wants and lets us know! She is very strong-willed and determined. She is getting a bit more defiant, sassy, with attitude. She doesn't always listen so she frequently gets time-outs which are effective. She is friendly but shy. Once she gets comfortable, she will talk your ear off and drag you over to play with her or read to her.

Current Favourite Things: Her dolls, her toy kitchen, Dora the Explorer, books, Leo's toys, going to the Zoo and weekly trips to the grocery store with Daddy.

Dislikes: Being dirty, wearing socks, having her teeth brushed, getting dressed (unless she's doing it), getting ready for bed.

Big Changes: Audrey is fully potty trained. We did the 3 day method when she was 2.5 years old and was quite successful. It took her a few days to not have accidents and for the most part she stays dry all day and night. We did day and night training at the same time. She wakes up to go potty on her own and rarely wets the bed.

Audrey loves her role as big sister. She is so happy to see Leo in the morning and when he wakes up from his naps. They adore each other.

Audrey and Leo will be starting a new day home when I go back to work part time next week. Hopefully this will be a good fit and everyone will adjust quickly, especially since Audrey and Leo will have each other there. I'm also hoping that working part time will be good for our relationship since we will still have lots of time to spend together.

Misc: Audrey's breathing issues have come back a bit with cold and flu season. The doctors still don't want to diagnose her with asthma since right now it's just viral induced and not year round. So for now we are just using inhalers as needed.  We did have to give up Milo in the fall since J's asthma was getting worse and worse.


  1. I love that she loves store trips with Dad - so cute. She is such a sweet girl, so happy. She is such a talker for sure! So fun.

  2. Wow, crazy that you are going back to work already! I swear you just had Leo! Hopefully the transition goes well for everyone!

  3. Such a little lady now!! She's soo independent and nothing wrong with a girl who knows what she wants hahah for the most part!! Hope she had a great birthday!!


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