Friday, February 13, 2015

~Friday Five~

1. Wow, I've blogged every day this week! That never happens! I didn't sleep much at all this week though... ;) Can't totally blame that on blogging though. See next point...

2. The joint birthday party is this weekend! Party prep is in full swing! I'm excited, especially to have my evenings back ;) I said I was going to go simpler this year and yet it's still all time consuming! Still so much to do- part of the reason I haven't slept much this week!

3. Remember how I said this month was going to be the busiest ever? I was not kidding! We have a birthday party every weekend to go to (so fun!), plus our two littles birthdays, a baby shower, my dad is coming to visit for a week, doctors appointments, daycare transition and getting ready to go back to work! So much to do in the next two weeks. It will be crickets over here, just so you know!

4. Legs are feeling good after my race. I wore compression socks all day Sunday and I really think that helps with recovery. They were a bit heavy during my runs this week but overall good. My upper body is complaining, in a good way, about the strength training though! I'll take it!

5. Has anyone seen this book? Somedays I think it would be a good read in our house...

These two are going to be on cooking duty if they don't start eating what I make!


  1. Looking forward to seeing how the party turns out!

  2. I saw that book at Chapters a few weeks ago and contemplated buying a few as baby gifts but didn't know how well they would be received! Hope the party goes well!!

  3. I need to plan a zoo trip soon! I love going in the off seasons when it is not as hot and more animals are out and about.
    I cannot wait to see more party pics. Sorry the family had to get sick :( I started to get a sore throat Friday but took Elderberry lozenges and avoided it! Phew.

  4. Look at you go!! I need that book!! SO funny. They are so cute playing in the kitchen together! Hope they can figure out the real kitchen soon and make you some lunch!!

  5. I am failing at blogging everyday! Ugh life is soo busy right now, but a good busy!!! Love the kiddos playing together!! Soo sweet!! That book looks funny! Noah is luckily a good eater so far! Haha


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