Tuesday, February 24, 2015

~Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Girl~

Dear Audrey,


Your presence in our lives has been the greatest gift! You have made the last 3 years so much fun, with lots of learning and adventures for all of us. Much like the day you were born, you do everything your way. You are a strong, tenacious, high-energy little girl who brightens every day.

I have loved watching you grow and reach each milestone exactly as you should. You amaze me with how smart you are, how you remember everything you hear or see (sometimes a bad thing!) and how determined you are.

You are the sweetest big sister and you adore your little brother, as he does you. Watching your relationship with each other form and grown each day has been so exciting and heartwarming.

You are my sweet baby girl, even if you tell me you aren't a baby anymore! I love you more with each day, even on the days when you test my patience and show how stubborn you can be.

Love you baby girl!!

Your proud mama



  1. Awe! Happy Birthday Audrey!! I too cannot believe you are 3!! These photos are so sweet.

  2. Happy birthday, Audrey! I also can't believe she's three! I remember meeting you guys at Leigh's when she was just a little peanut! I love her shirt and tutu. So cute.

  3. Happy Birthday little miss Audret!! Hope you have a fun day celebrating!! 3!!!! So much fun!!

  4. Happy Birthday Audrey! Have a fun day!

  5. Aww! So cute! Happy birthday Audrey! Hope you did lots of fun there with your friends. My son has just turned 3 last month and we have booked party halls in Boston MA for the birthday party. That was an amazing party and my son liked it most.


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