Friday, February 6, 2015

.:Leo: 12 Months:.

It's official, my baby is now 1!

Eating: Leo is a pretty good eater. He eats 3 full meals, mostly solids that he can pick up himself. He loves toast dipped in smoothie! I still occasionally feed him purees but he often prefers to feed himself and he's not so good with the spoon yet, like at all!

He's still nursing 3-4x during the day now, usually just before naps and bedtime. This will decrease once I go back to work part time next month. I don't have any real plans to wean him off the feedings since I still plan to nurse him when I am around him, assuming he doesn't self-wean.

Sleeping: Leo hasn't been sleeping the greatest lately, which I am attributing to teething. He wakes up 1-3x a night to feed. He still gets a dream feed around 9:30-10pm. He sleeps until 7:30am most days. Bed time is around 7pm.

Leo still naps twice a day. Each nap is getting a bit shorter so I expect a transition to one nap in the next month or two. His first nap is around 2.5 hours after he gets up in the morning and lasts only about an hour (unless we need to go somewhere and then he sleeps for 2!). His afternoon nap is usually 2.5-3 hours after his last nap and lasts 1.5-2 hours.

Diapers: Size 3 Pampers Swaddlers or Cruisers for disposables at night, but mostly in cloth diapers. He has had a diaper rash the last week which might be teething related so trying to get that under control.

Weight/Size: I weighted him using the total inaccurate method of weighting myself first, then him and me and subtracting the two numbers and he is around 19 lbs.  We shall see what he really is next week at his one year doctor's appointment. He is 29 inches long.

Leo is wearing some 6-12 month clothing but growing out of them. He's mostly in 12-18 month clothing now. He wears size 3 infant shoes but they are getting smaller.

Hair and eyes: Light brown-blonde hair and blue eyes. His hair has actual grown quite a bit recently. Won't need a haircut anytime soon but you can actually see his hair now!

Leo's eczema comes and goes. I have reintroduced dairy into my diet and I wonder if that's why. I'm not giving him much dairy yet. Just keeping him moisturized lots. 

Milestones: Leo is crawling like crazy! He is so fast! Makes it impossible to get good pictures now...

He is also pulling up to stand on everything. Which means he is falling down lots and getting bruises. Poor guy- his head is just covered with them.

The baby gate has gone up at the bottom of the stairs because he is showing interest in climbing them, usually after his big sis runs up them.

Leo has been babbling a lot. He says "dada dada", "mum mum mum mum" and all sorts of different combinations of sounds. He also likes to shriek, especially when he hears a loud noise like the garburator, vacuum or his sister crying!

Teething: Leo has 10 teeth! His one-year molars have cut through on the top. They bothered him quite a bit coming in.

Personality: Sweet, happy little boy, unless he doesn't get what he wants! He was having a meltdown when FaceTiming Grandma one night and I wouldn't let him have my phone! When Audrey takes toys away from him he starts screaming- no more passive baby anymore!

Nicknames: Little Man, Mr. Leo, Buddy, Goofball, Little Love

Likes: Crawling, eating, splashing in the bath, standing up on everything, his Daddy and sister, books, toys that makes noises and pulling everything off the shelves.

Dislikes: dirty diapers, teething, being alone, falling down, having things taken away from him

Mommy Update: Wow- one year!! Blink and it's over! I may have shed a few years in the days leading up to his birthday. Still can't believe he's 1!

I survived a year as a mama of two! There were tough times but overall it was pretty special. I think we found a good routine, did lots of fun things and built a good relationship between all of us. I love seeing my two littles playing with each other and I'm so lucky to have had this year with them. I'm a bit sad about going back to work, even part time, next month but I'm also looking forward to some adult time, using my brain for non-mama things, dressing up without fear of getting dirty and eating a meal with two hands! I wouldn't trade this year for anything though. Every day is better and better. 

Big Sister: Audrey loves her little brother but is adjusting to him playing with her toys, reading her books and getting into everything! She gets quite upset when he starts crawling after her- she says "Leo, no swiping!" She sings to him when he cries and gets excited when she sees him in the backseat with her.

Misc:  We are doing a joint birthday party for Audrey and Leo next weekend. We did have cupcakes on his birthday, which he absolute destroyed! He licked the icing off his tray! 

Leo, one year ago you joined our family and made it even better! This year has been one of the best ones yet and I know they will only get better with you part of them. You are such a joy to be around, making those around you smile. Thank you for being you, our little man!!

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  1. Great photos!! He is so cute! I just can't stop saying it. I can't wait for him and Delainey to get married. :)


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