Wednesday, February 11, 2015

.:Leo's One Year Photos and Cake Smash:.

I did a couple photo shoots of Leo this past week. I enjoy putting them together and it gives me a chance to work on my own photography skills and I am humbled by the amazing work that photographers do, since I am no pro and my DIY photoshoots prove it!

First up is Leo's One Year photos. He wasn't the most cooperative subject- he was teething pretty badly that day and really had no interest in sitting still! It was also quite hard to get him set up, and pick up the camera again in order to get the shot- he kept crawling away. It's really a 2 person job, at least for this amateur! I still managed to get a few photos that I'm happy with.

More interested in playing with the hat than wearing it...

"Is it a cup?"

"No, it's a hat!!"

A few days later, we did Leo's Cake Smash. I recruited extra hands and did the shoot while Hubby was home. I'm glad I did or else I would probably still be cleaning the cake up!

To say that Leo liked the cake is a huge understatement! He went a little crazy! Cake was flying everywhere! It was so much fun to watch him! I so wish we had taken a video too!

Hubby: "Ok, you ready?"
Me: "Yup"

Leo: "Try to catch me!!"

Cake time!!

"What's this?"

Checking it out ever so cautiously!

And going crazy!!

Unfortunately I wasn't as interesting to look at as big sister, who was begging for cake, so that's why he never looks at the camera. Oh well! Still fun!

Some outtakes because they are hilarious!

"Why are we doing this, Mom??"

"I don't wanna turn one!"

"I hate E! Worst letter ever!"

Runaway baby!!!


  1. OMG!!!! SO cute!!! You did such a great job, I Love them all. The little banner is so cute! Great job. He is hilarious with that cake!

  2. HAHAHA So cute!! I love this shirt!!!

  3. You did a great job! I always say Avery is the hardest to take photos of now, does not sit still and does not really understand to smile or stay still for the photo.

  4. Wow, you got some great pictures! I've never been brave enough to try a cake smash with my kids - I just cover them up in a bib and give them a teeny tiny piece and that's it :)

  5. Oh wow! They turned out great!! Love it!! Look at him with that cake!! He must have loved it haha. We are doing Noah's this weekend. We were going to do it yesterday but we needed a quiet day! I at least got his monthly photos done!! Lol!


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