Wednesday, February 25, 2015

~Run For L'Arche: Week #4 Training Recap~

Is it just me or is time going by really quickly? I feel like I just started training for this race and it's less than a month away now!

Week #4 of training for Run For L'Arche 5 Mile is done.

How did I do?

Plan: Rest day
What I did: Ran 3 Miles on the treadmill. I made up for Sunday's run that I missed. I knew my week would likely have more rest days than the plan called for so I wanted to take the opportunity to catch up this run before the week got away from me.

Plan: 2.5 Mile run
What I did: 4K run with the half marathon clinic. I wore new shoes and I felt like I was running on clouds! It was a great run- fast pace (for me) and just felt good! It was nice to push myself like that. I know I am capable of running faster, I just need to... run faster!

Plan: 35 min Cross Train
What I did: Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 DVD, week 1 workout, 30 minutes
I did this workout again due to my DVD player being broken! I did buy a new one but didn't have time to set it up yet.
Looking forward to doing a different workout next week though!

Plan: 2 Mile run + strength training
What I did: Rest day
My Dad was in town visiting so I wasn't able to get my workout in. Our guest room and workout area share the same space so it makes it difficult to workout when we have guests.

Plan: Yoga
What I did: Rest day
We had my family over for dinner so I didn't make it to yoga class.

Plan: Rest day
What I did: Rest day

Plan: 3.5 Mile run
What I did: Rest day
We had lots of things going on with my Dad visiting so I didn't get my run in today either.

This week's training was pretty much a bust. I was pretty stressed out over it at the beginning but it is what it is. Sometimes life gets in the way and as long as you don't let it derails you for long it's ok. I'll be back on track now that my company has left. Just in time for me to return to work...

Do you stress when you can't get your planned workout in?

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