Thursday, February 5, 2015

~Three Things Thursday: Leo Edition~

Tomorrow is Leo's 1st birthday so this post is going to be about him!

1. Leo was born on a Thursday. We weren't expecting him to be born that day (he was 2 weeks early) and Hubby was all prepared to go into work after the ultrasound. Obviously that didn't happen! You can read Leo's birth story here if you missed it the first time. I may have bawled my eyes out reading it again.

2. I still can't believe it's been a whole year (minus a day) since Leo was born. What a fast, yet remarkable year! It feels like I was just pregnant with him! Oh how I loved those kicks, rib jabs, and hiccups! Of course, having him here is even better!

3. Leo has suddenly gone from being a baby- not moving around much and so dependent to this almost-toddler that never stops crawling, climbing, standing and 'talking' all the time. It feels like overnight he has grown up! He seems so big yet still so small. This mama is not ready for him to become a toddler!

Oh little guy, we love you so!


  1. Happy birthday Leo! He was so tiny when he was born :)

  2. I remember these days from last year soo well!! You were soo nervous for tomorrow, and you didn't even know you were having him!! Then next thing I know you are texting me telling me you had the baby! Ahhh can't believe he is 1!! Ps. My card is coming late haha. I hope Leo has an amazing day tomorrow and that you don't shed too many tears! Good luck Mama!!

  3. I remember those days so well. We had menchies!! What a special time. LOVE re-reading your birth story. Love birth stories.


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