Monday, February 2, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

Hello February!! Busiest month of my year for the past 4 years!! Please don't go by too quickly! That's going to be tough, considering you are also the shortest month of the year...

What a great weekend. Sad to see it's Monday already :(

On Friday we met up with our friends Della, Skye and Rhys at the mall for a play date. It's too bad we live at opposite ends of the city because our children are the same ages and have so much fun together!

We spent lots of time playing at the Play Area. Leo was crawling around like crazy- I really had to keep my eye on him. He quite enjoyed playing with Rhys- wrestling a bit too!.

The girls had lots of fun running around, climbing this bridge and the rest of the structures there.

We had lunch and since Leo hadn't napped in the morning, he fell asleep in the stroller so we did a bit of shopping after.

The girls had a little too much fun chasing each other in H&M- yup, they were those kids! We hit up Target after and together mourned that our shopping trips there are numbered :( Why Target, why???

It was clearly a great play date because Audrey conked right out on the way home. That never happens anymore- maybe we should do this every day!

Hubby was home in time for me to go to yoga- yay!! Another great class! When I got home, he was watching Lucy so I watched it with him. Good movie except the ending was meh.


Saturday we did Leo's cake smash photo shoot. Here's a little preview of the cake monster! I think he liked it!

We did the usual Saturday chores and then went to swimming lessons. The pool was just as cold as last week. Boo! We did a couple other songs this time and the kids had a blast. Audrey is getting  braver each week which is great!

Again both kids fell asleep on the way home and had nice naps. Nice break for Mom since Hubby had to work the rest of the evening. Audrey napped extra long so Leo and I had some special play time.

He adores this bear so much!!

He also likes to stand and stare out his window. Like stop growing now!

Sunday I was a bad girl and did not get up to meet my running group. I told myself that it was too icy & cold out and I didn't want to risk falling a week out from my half marathon. My cozy bed may or may not have had something to do with this decision!

Instead I enjoyed a lazy morning, watching these two wrestling!

Do you like Audrey's fashionable pjs? A fleece footed sleeper and a pair of fleece pants over top. She also wore her fleece housecoat to bed. We do have the heat on, I promise!!

I did do my 6K run on the treadmill, while Audrey played and Leo napped.

We went to the Farmer's Market for lunch. Ever since the announcement of Target leaving Canada, I'm worried that our Farmer's Market, which is walking distance from our house, will shut down also. We try to go there weekly but often time just doesn't allow it. So while we didn't need much groceries, we decided it would be a nice family date.

The sleep deprived parents got Phil and Sebastian's coffee and we shared some Mexican food for lunch. It's soooo good- probably the best we have ever had.

We did a bit of shopping and Audrey had her face painted!

We didn't do too much the rest of the day- lots of playing and Mommy was subjected to dress up!

Leo trying his hardest to get that apple!

 Hubby had to work a bit in the evening but thankfully he was home for bedtime! Spent the rest of the evening relaxing, working on some posts and more party prep. It's coming together! Even if I'm falling apart at the thought of my babies getting older!

Ok week, we've got a lot to accomplish. Don't go by so quickly this time!


  1. What a fun and busy weekend! I cannot believe Leo is one!! When are you back to work?
    I am happy to see February means we are closer to spring! haha
    I think you made the right choice not going to run group ;) How are you after your fall?

  2. We should have a market date again soon. Is the MX place new in there?!I could get J there for mexican! LOVE all the photos. The kids are so cute together. I adore Leo's leggings and bib. I cannot wait to see the smash cake shoot! SO cute. I am glad you didn't run outside, it is so icy!! Our walks have been stressful, good thing I have the stroller on hold on to!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a busy but fun weekend! I can't believe how big Leo looks. Stop growing all of you! Love Audrey's outfit too. I'm guessing she picked it out herself? And I've never been to that market....must go check it out!

  4. February is a crazy month around here too! I hope it does not go too fast for you. I love the cake smash picture! He is so sweet. And Audrey looks adorable in her pajama choice - so comfy!! :)

  5. Ahhhh our boys are really growing up fast! I am soo not ready for this! I read Noah On the Night you were born tonight and cried! He also let me rock him in the chair tonight which was just was this mama needed! Can't wait to see more of the cake smash pics! I need to start thinking about Noah's! You would be hurdling here if you went out for a run!! Soo much bloody snow! I think I may need the polar stroller! Haha. Love your dress up attire! The market sounds fun!

  6. Love Leo's leggings- I've been on the hunt for cute fabrics so I can have my mom make a ton of them! Are you going to the Crowfoot Y pool? I was thinking of re-joining there and then signing ours up for the class when he's old enough. I feel like there are ZERO pools in Calgary and I NEED my kid to be a water baby like I was! Then again, I was spoiled and was a Southern California beach water baby :) Cake I want cake!


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