Monday, February 16, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

Zoom- just like that the long weekend is over! So happy we had the extra day to recover, literally!

Friday we had a Zoo date with Alison and Miss Delainey. It was such a gorgeous day that we couldn't pass up the chance to be outside visiting our favourite place with a couple of our favourite people! Thanks for the fun date!!

I swear these two were more excited about the Zoo than they appear here!

And Audrey's hair is not that wild- it's the fur on her hood!

Audrey always loves riding the rhino statue!

The tigers were pretty active this time- I missed getting a picture of Audrey right by the tiger at the window but here is Alison's back! The other tiger is up on it's perch by Alison's head.

We ran into my other friend and her baby so they joined us for lunch. Such a fun day!

Both kids fell asleep on the way home and transferred to their beds- LOVE it when that happens!

In the evening I went to yoga which was so relaxing.

Saturday morning hubby and the kids woke up with colds. Boo!! They pretty much vegged all morning while I cleaned the house and did more party prep- decorate, bake, decorate, bake. They started to feel better by the afternoon so that was good. Everyone would have been really sad if we had to cancel the party.

This guy likes to spit out all his water onto his clothes so sometimes he's naked! He doesn't mind!

Sunday was the birthday party!! Audrey was so excited for all her friends to come over and play!!

Finally it was party time! We had so much fun! The house was full of our family and friends to celebrate our sweet boy and girl's birthdays. So much love! Audrey and Leo had so much fun and I loved seeing everyone. Huge thank you to everyone that came!!

I'll do a full birthday party post with lots of pictures later. We did a "Cat in the Hat" theme.

After everyone left we just hung out, played with a bunch of new toys and cleaned up. I planned to go to bed early but Mr. Leo was not feeling well at all. He would not sleep unless I held him on my chest so I spent a few hours in his room before bringing him to my bed. We haven't co-slept in forever but he needed to that night. Poor guy :( I hope it's just a bad cold and nothing else. I might have to take him to the Doctor if he doesn't get better tomorrow.

Monday was Family Day so no work for Hubby! Leo and I slept in since we slept so poorly the night before. We had zero plans for the day since we really needed a day of catch up to do stuff around the house. Good thing since no one was feeling up to doing much! Leo opened his birthday presents which was fun for both kids. So many new toys! I did some organizing- switching out toys to make room for the new ones, cleaned up the basement since my Dad is coming to visit this week and did some much needed filing.

Dolly getting a change of clothes

Making cupcakes- they have seen me do it enough these past few weeks!

I love this picture!!

Playing with his fire truck from Ashley, Mike and Noah!! Thank you guys!!! Both Audrey and Leo love it...

Also, Leo says "Happy 1st Birthday" to his buddy Noah!! Wish we could have celebrated with you- we had cupcakes in your honour today!

Despite everyone being sick it was such a great weekend!! Sad it's over but glad to not have to party prep for another year!


  1. Awesome weekend! Thanks again for the zoo date - got me out of grocery shopping! :) The party was awesome! You did a great job. Glad the kids made through despite the sickies! :(

  2. What a great weekend! I can't wait to see the party post! It looks like you did a GREAT job!

  3. The zoo looks like soo much fun!! Hopefully the kiddos are feeling better!! Love all the details you put into the party! I'm soo mad I forgot to take pics and put some of it out haha. Can't believe how big the kids are getting! Love the pic of the 3 of you!

  4. I'm also glad the kids loved their gifts!! Noah has a firetruck similar and loves it too!!


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